mlm, pyramid schemes, and matrices

by:UMeasure     2020-04-15
Have you ever thought about the difference between MLM operators claiming they don\'t run MLM.
The Matrix and the \"force matrix\" operators claim that they have better than MLM.
So, what are the different pyramid plans: in the United States, maybe abroad, the pyramid plan is illegal.
We all know how these programs work, or at least the point of the idea. A person (the originator)
First send a message to several people.
Usually someone he/she knows.
This message will tell everyone to give him about $5. . .
Then send the information to others.
For a long time, add names to the list, and each new recipient must send money to the first person, the second person. . .
There are millions of variants of the pyramid scheme, but the main attributes of the pyramid scheme are defined (
Also called Chain Letter)
No product, just people send money.
The \"pyramid plan\" is derived from the fact that it starts from one and the scale of the people involved increases as you move towards the bottom.
On paper it looks like the shape of a triangle or pyramid.
Multi-level marketing: What is the difference between pyramid selling and pyramid selling? In theory, any pyramid selling looks like pyramid selling in reality. The difference is very simple.
In MLM, there is a product on sale.
The income comes from \"Commission \".
This is actually a pyramid plan, in addition to the participants getting something. . .
Whether or not the person they are referring to is really paying for something. . .
In MLM, participants always benefit from their investments.
The problem is the value of the product received by the participant.
This is the reason why the network pyramid scheme is so big.
Because, the information can be of monetary value, and it will not cost the dealer anything.
E-books, software, communications. . . etc. . .
These are the most commonly used products of MLM.
MLMers has also added tangible products, and home products are the first to use MLM as the main marketing strategy.
Mandatory matrix: there are so many MLM projects on the market today, and the sponsors are trying to make their projects more popular than others.
So the idea of forcing a matrix.
In a regular MLM project, your money gain depends entirely on how good you are in terms of marketing projects.
Most people, however, are not very good.
So if they get help from talented people, it will be good for those who don\'t have talent.
Basically, if there are any restrictions on the number of people you can join under you. . .
This is a mandatory matrix.
The idea is that anyone you mention extra. .
Will go below others.
The best implementation puts extra people under one of you.
So it will help the people below you and it will help you as well.
The term is a bit confusing and sometimes not used at all.
This, however, is the definition of a mandatory matrix.
Sometimes numbers are used to describe the forced matrix more thoroughly. . . .
Like \"4x4 mandatory matrix\", for example \".
This may mean that you can only have 4 people directly below you and only 4 people below the 4 people you receive the Commission. There is a hi-
Now that mature ideas have become commonplace, one can deliberately put the recommendation on another line of their choice.
A traffic control attribute that helps the initiator get a recommendation of interest.
This is an attempt to make formal pyramid schemes more attractive and successful.
In fact, the forced matrix MLMers implemented this option even in their own program.
The benefits of both are equal.
With the force matrix, you will earn your income faster, but the growth of your income will be slower because your references will be forced to go further by you.
With a formal pyramid scheme, you have a stronger foundation and it is usually easier to maintain it. . .
But the first profit may slow.
If you want to get a little bit of revenue faster, use the force matrix.
If you want to make a big profit and are willing to work for it for a long time, go for regular MLM activities. Anna-
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