law comes down heavily on hand-held laser pointers

by:UMeasure     2020-04-16
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After parliament passed a bill last night, the use of power laser indicators in public places without a reasonable excuse will soon become illegal.
Failure to comply with the new law will result in a fine of $2000 or three months\' imprisonment.
Summary crime (
Possession of handsheld Lasers)
Draft amendments proposed by retired congressman Cam Calder crossparty support.
It is designed to protect pilots and truck drivers from \"laser strikes \". \"It\'s timely.
This is very important, \"said Dr. Carder.
\"It is particularly relevant to people in manureva [
Route to Auckland Airport]
Also for all of us traveling by plane in New Zealand.
\"It is already illegal to target a plane with a laser.
\"But it\'s not just the aircraft that could be affected.
\"If you drive at night and someone takes a picture of something like this in your eyes, it\'s very dangerous.
\"Imagine if you are a truck driver on a highway, someone is on the bridge. \" A high-
A power laser is defined as a laser with a power output greater than 1 milliwatt.
Some higher
An electric laser indicator can emit beams of light for 60 miles or more.
\"The legislation has never completely stopped being stupid, but it will reduce the possibility of abusing these highly dangerous tools,\" Dr. Carder said . \".
\"This sends a very strong message.
Just like you and I don\'t bring the Bowie knife, people don\'t put the laser pointer in their pockets before going out on Saturday night.
\"The bill no longer includes the police\'s power to detain lasers without a search warrant, because they already have the power to detain under different laws.
In the United States, the government has proposed new customs rules to restrict laser imports.
By the end of the year, the import of laser indicators stronger than milliwatts will be limited to people with legal purposes, such as defense force personnel, astronomers or researchers.
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