Laser rangefinder has developed very rapidly in the process of industrialization

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
With the continuous development of industrialization, the application range of advanced equipment is getting wider and wider, gradually replacing manual labor and playing a positive role in improving social production efficiency. New technologies and new equipment have been continuously applied in practice, creating great value. In the past, due to the technical level, price and other factors, the application of laser rangefinder was limited, but now the situation is very different. Many industries have put forward new requirements for the comprehensive performance of the instrument, and its application range has been significantly expanded. The measurement range of the laser range finder is from a few meters to a few kilometers, and the user should choose flexibly according to the specific situation. For example, generally in the indoor measurement work, the distance requirement is not high, but the accuracy requirement is very strict. At this time, 635 nm laser hand-held laser rangefinder is generally used. If the measured distance is long, 905 NM telescope type laser rangefinder is generally used, and the measuring range is generally 5- Between 3000, mainly used in outdoor surveying and mapping, power communication, port and wharf, golf and hunting. If you want to measure further targets, like 3- For a 20-kilometer target, you need another band of laser rangefinders, such as 1064 nm/1535 nm/1550 nm long-distance rangefinders, which requires extremely high precision in manufacturing various components, so the unit price is relatively expensive. At the same time, laser rangefinder has been widely used in building measurement and automation fields requiring strong light. If there is light pollution in the measurement environment, it will affect the measurement accuracy. With the rapid development of high-tech technologies such as electronic technology, laser technology and optical technology, it provides an important foundation for the improvement of remote range finder. In particular, emerging disciplines represented by laser applications are emerging. The innovation of related concepts and rich practical experience provide an effective reference for the research work of remote laser ranging technology.
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