\'iron man\' laser: beams can shape electrical discharges

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
Want lightning to bend like Ivan van Ko, the super villain in Iron Man 2?
Vanko needs Superpowered whips.
In real life, lasers may be the way to achieve this.
Physicists have found that the laser can control the shape and direction of the discharge.
While this electric feat may not bring a superpower, it may provide a way for the Arc
The researchers said that welding on a microscopic scale creates an electron microscope that can see around the corner and even plug the electronic device.
A team led by Matteo cler of the National Institute of Science in Quebec (INRS)
At that time, it was shown that a laser beam emitted in some way could form a spark when jumping between two electrodes, showing a different shape, and even bending an object blocking the road.
This effect is produced because the laser can ionize the air and create a path for the discharge. [
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To do this, Claridge, a postdoctoral physics researcher at Herriott
The University of Watt, Scotland, and his colleagues fired a laser on the air between the two electrodes placed at 5 centimeters (1. 9 inches)apart.
The laser emission is rapid and lasts only 50 microseconds per burst. (
A second is one in ten million in a second, just long enough for a light wave to spread to the length of the medium --size virus. )
Such a fast pulse means passing a lot of energy in a very short time.
Physicists put a lens in front of the laser to change the focus of the beam.
For example, a typical convex lens will allow the beam to reach a point at a certain distance in front of it.
The change in focus means that the beam actually changes the shape.
\"There is a laser beam and a strong object travels on a curved trajectory,\" clicili told Live Science . \".
After mathematician George Biddle Ailey, the beam is called the Ailey beam, and he describes why the rainbow looks bent.
So that the lens of the Aili beam is shaped into a laser.
Make the focus area of the beam into a curved shape.
\"It\'s essentially a lens with a bad design,\" says Clairey . \".
They emit lasers through different types of lenses.
At the same time, they generate current through the electrode.
When the laser hits the air molecule, it stimulates the electrons in the atom to ionize them, or causes positive and negative particles of the atom (electrons)to separate.
However, electrons do not like to remain \"free\" for a long time, so they recombine with atoms to generate heat.
This makes the air density lower because it expands when you heat the gas.
The air resistance with a smaller density is small, so the current can pass through it more easily.
In this case, when the current passes through the electrode, sparks are generated to make the gap between the two electrodes jump.
There is a normal lens in front of the laser beam, and the spark is jagged.
The air with lower density and ionization is not limited to a small space and is turbulent, so the path of least resistance winds in a tortuous pattern for current.
Then, Claridge and his team replaced the lens with the one that produced the beam of the iree beam.
Since laser focus is a curved line in one case, the spark follows this path.
They can even get sparks jumping around obstacles.
In another experiment, they used a focus of S-shaped curve.
A third lens can produce a straight line.
Getting a spark to go where you want to go, clicili says, can make small-scale welding more accurate --currently arc-
Welding small parts is a difficult process because the spark generator must be very close to the surface of the object in order to obtain accurate welding.
Electron microscopy may be another application.
The electron microscope works by illuminating the sample with a bunch of electrons.
This beam can only travel in straight lines, but this technique may be a way to control the direction of the beam more precisely.
This means that some samples do not need to be taken apart to see their interior.
\"We are working on an electron microscope that can be seen around the corner,\" said Claridge . \".
The study was presented in detail in the June 19 issue of the journal scientific progress.
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