How to use a rangefinder to measure the area of a house?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
Real estate measurement is an important foundation for real estate management. Accurate and complete real estate surveying and mapping results are the main basis for property review, determination of property area and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of property owners. Its task is to use scientific surveying and mapping technology, party and means to obtain the housing-related information and materials required by the state and relevant property rights departments, it provides reliable data and information for national economic construction, urban construction, real estate enterprise development, house demolition, real estate transaction, tax collection, and housing system reform. Here we recommend a Leica hand-held laser rangefinder D2, saying goodbye to the conventional method of setting up a total station to collect coordinate data of each room angle and other complex methods for calculating the area of irregular houses. D2 is small in shape and easy to carry, and is specially designed for indoor application. The calculation of addition and subtraction, area and volume can be carried out through shortcut keys, and the measurement is fast and very reliable. After measuring the required data, the instrument itself has a calculation formula program, which can automatically calculate the housing area, volume and other data.
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