How to Paint Horizontal & Vertical Lines on Walls

by:UMeasure     2020-04-13
Stripes have a bold, dramatic effect on any room.You can make the ceiling look higher with vertical stripes or make the wall look longer with horizontal stripes.A broad ordinary wall suddenly became more interesting.Of course, you will use colors alternately, but you can also use flat and smooth finishes alternately to get interesting results.You can even draw a combination of fine stripes and thick stripes.Your imagination limits your creative choices.Sketch out the type of stripe you want on a chart sheet.It looks best when the stripes are wide or deep between 4 inch and 12 inch.Measure the length or height of the wall, divided by the number of stripes you want.Odd numbers are better in design.An odd number also guarantees that the stripes of the corner and the top of the wall and the bottom of the wall are the same color, making the design more cohesive.Complete your measurements.If a strip is wider than other stripes, place it at the bottom of the wall for horizontal stripes, or place it in the least visible corner of the vertical stripe.Wall and room ready.Empty as much as possible.You don\'t want your view blocked by the bed and coffee table when you draw the stripes.If the existing paint is smooth, you have to be rough with sandpaper.Dust all the walls and skirting boards, and then cover the area you don\'t want to paint with the painter\'s tape.Use the lightest color as your coat.Your coat should be flat too.In this way, you can cover it with flat or smooth paint.You may need to use a primer before painting the base coating.Some paint is now a combination of paint and primer.These are effective in various situations.Verify with the paint store to determine the final color and finish combination.Paint your background on the wall and dry it for 24 hours.Apply a second coat if needed.Let it dry for 48 hours before you start the stripe.Mark from the most inconspicuous corner of the room.It takes time to mark the process.Use a light-colored pencil.The level of a long Carpenter is a great way to keep your lines straight as you mark them.Then, tape it out online so the paint can cover them.Make sure the tape is straight using a laser level.If the measurements between stripes are not exactly the same, don\'t worry too much.Small changes will not be noticed.Paint your masked area with darker stripes.Be sure to paint the marking lines and edges of the painter tape.Apply the second layer of dark stripes if necessary.When the paint is still wet, carefully peel off the painter\'s tape and get it off the fresh paint as you pull it.This helps to keep the lines clear.If you are using a semi-gloss paint, this method of pulling up the tape is especially important.If you pull it down directly or wait until the paint is dry, the paint may not separate along the edge of the tape, but pull the paint from the side of the paint.
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