How to check the three-axis relationship of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
In the process of using the laser rangefinder, due to the vibration, collision and rangefinder three axes during long-term work and transportation ( Illumination axis of telescope, launching axis and receiving axis of range finder)Relationships often change. The conventional inspection method is simple to operate, but the inspection result is not accurate enough. 1. The principle of calibration is to calculate the four critical states when the three-week relationship of the laser rangefinder meets the requirements (The optical return signal is the weakest)The position of the dial reads correctly. After rotating the micro-screw to the correct reading position of the dial, correct the light return signal of the range finder to a critical state, so that the corrected collimation mirror mark is in the center of the light return signal range. Take the three-axis relationship verification of DI2002 range finder as an example. 2. Test of horizontal parallelism (1) Place the mirror at about 200m of the rangefinder, accurately align the mirror mark with A telescope, and read the horizontal dial reading A (145 ° 04 '30 ''). (2) Slowly rotate the horizontal micro-spiral of the theodolite to make the direction of the collimation deviate from the mirror mark to the left, and observe the change of the optical return signal of the laser rangefinder until the optical return signal is in a critical state ( The optical return signal is constantly jumping and changing between one cell and no signal)When, read the horizontal reading A (144 ° 57 '59 ''). (3) Use the same method to measure the horizontal dial reading A (145 ° 07 '37 ''). (4)Calculate the horizontal deviation angle according to the following formula.
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