How to Add a Tray Ceiling to an Existing One

by:UMeasure     2020-04-13
Homeowners have many options when renovating their rooms.Homeowners trying to give the room an uncommon feature can add a tray ceiling to the room.Tray ceiling is a lower ceiling along the walls around the room, open in the center.This is a dramatic architectural style and works well in large rooms with high ceilings.By capturing the chalk line on each wall, or using 360-mark the bottom edge of the tray ceiling to all four wallsLaser level.In this example, we will reduce the tray ceiling by 1 feet from the existing ceiling.Locate and mark the wall studs and ceiling beams in the room with the stud finder.The frame of the tray ceiling is very heavy and needs to be attached to the support beam and the support column for support.Measure the length of the longest wall in the room and cut 2-using a circular saw-by-4 boards long enough to stick the wall.You will most likely need more than one board.) Place the board along the top edge of the line created by the chalk line or laser level on the wall.Lay the 4-The inch side of the plate against the wall.The boards and 3-inch screws.Wear safety goggles when sawing wood.From 2-cut guide rail inside tray ceilingby-2 boards.(The interior is the part where the tray ceiling falls perpendicular to the existing ceiling.) The guide rail runs through the entire length of the wall and requires the guide rail of the inner top edge and bottom edge.1/2 cut sheetsInch plywood, 1 feet wide, long enough to extend the entire length of the wall.Assemble the frame of the falling ceiling by laying 2-by-2 boards are placed on the ground and the adhesive slats are placed on it.The outer edge of the plywood is 2-by-2 plates, located at the top and bottom of the frame.Connect plywood to 2-by-1 5/8-2 s by drivingInch screws enter through plywood 2-by-2 seconds per 6 inch.Mark the inner edge of the tray ceiling on the existing ceiling with a laser level or chalk line, place it 2 feet from the wall.Lift the assembled frame to a position parallel to the existing ceiling so that it is parallel to the wall, 2-by-2 boards facing the wall.Connect the frame to the ceiling by driving 3-2-inch screw through topby-2 boards and ceiling beams.Fix the frame in place using a ladder or recruiting assistant.The bottom edge of the plywood frame should be 2-by-The 4S is screwed on the wall.Measure the distance between 2-at the bottomby-2 and 2 on the frame-by-Attached to the wall.Cut 2-by-Two boards are placed between them.These boards are called watchboards.Connect the Lookout to the bottom edge of the tray ceiling frame with no more than 16 inch spacing.Through the bottom with nails 2-by-2 and enter the end of the lookout to connect the bottom of the frame to the wall.Through the lookout and 2-by-Board 45-4Connect the rear edge to the angle of the lookout.Using the same method, assemble and install the frame for the wall opposite the first wall where the frame is installed.Build and install the frame for the remaining two walls.When building frames for these walls, measure to fit them between the frames of the longer walls.Measurement and cutting of half sheetsInch dry wall, cover the inner and lower surface of the tray ceiling with tool knife.The driving drywall nail gypsum board with gypsum board side frame and the monthly entry-by-2 boards per 8 inch.Drive the screws deep enough and the head is slightly lower than the surface of the drywall so they can be better hidden with drywall compounds.Install the drywall at the bottom of the tray ceiling by pushing the drywall screws into the lookout, 2-by-4 plates and bottom 2-by-2 boards.Nail the flexible corner beads to the edge of the tray ceiling where the sides and bottom meet, and nail the inner corner beads to the vertical right angle where the frame meets.Apply the seam compound on the seam between flexible beads and different dry wall panels with putty knife.Place the dry wall tape strip at the seam and press the tape into the seam with an putty knife.Use the putty knife to smooth the surface of the joint compound as much as possible.Let it dry overnight.Polish joint compounds with fine sandGrind sandpaper until smooth.Wipe the dust with linen.Add the second layer of seam compound and drywall tape at the seams and let it dry overnight.Smooth the seams.Add the last layer of seam compound and drywall tape to the tray ceiling.Let it dry overnight and sprinkle sand again the next day.Multiple coatings eliminate defects and ensure a smooth, professional surface, which will absorb the paint well.Paint the tray ceiling to match the existing room or as needed.
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