highly tm3+ doped germanate glass and its single mode ...

by:UMeasure     2020-06-16
High Tm3 fiber is urgently needed.
0 μm compact single
Frequency fiber laser and highrepetition-rate mode-
Locked fiber laser
Here, we systematically study the optical parameters, energy transfer process and thermal properties of Tm3-doped barium gallo-germanate (BGG)glasses.
BGG glass single mode with high Tm3 (SM)
Fiber is made of rods-in-tube technique.
The doping concentration of Tm3 reached 7.
6 u2009 × 1020 ion/cubic centimeter is the highest level in the reported Tm3-doped bgg sm fiber.
Use ultra short (1. 6u2009cm)as-
Pull bgg sm optical fiber with high Tm3, single
Frequency fiber laser at 1.
95 μm has been shown in-
Taken by a family-
1568nm fiber laser has been manufactured.
In addition, a multi-longitudinal
The mode fiber laser is in 1.
95 μm is also implemented in 10 cm, as long-
The maximum laser output power of the pulled active fiber is 165 mw, and the slope efficiency is 17%.
Results confirm-
The pulled high Tm3-doped bgg sm fiber has a promising future in applications requiring high gain and high power of short active fiber.
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