high frame rate multi-resonance imaging refractometry with distributed feedback dye laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-04-02
High frame rates and highly sensitive imaging of changes in the refractive index of the surface are very promising for studying the dynamics of dissolution, mixing, and biological processes without the need for labeling.
Here is a highly sensitive distributed feedback (DFB)
A dye laser sensor for high frame rate imaging folding with no moving parts is introduced.
DFB dye laser low
Cost and highly sensitive refractive index sensor.
More unique
The wavelength DFB laser structure described here includes several regions of different grating cycles.
By analyzing the laser from all regions in parallel with the imaging spectrometer, it can be imaged in two-dimensional space.
With this more
Resonance imaging folding method to identify a spatial position in one direction from a horizontal direction, I . E. e.
, The spectral position of multiple laser lines obtained from the charged coupling device of the spectrometer (CCD)array.
The orthogonal spatial position is obtained from the vertical spatial position on the CCD array of the spectrometer, just like the established spatial resolution spectrum.
Here, imaging techniques are demonstrated by monitoring the movement of small sucrose molecules when solid sucrose is dissolved in water.
The omission of moving parts improves the robustness of the imaging system and allows a very high frame rate of up to 12Hz.
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