green light for solar farm

by:UMeasure     2020-04-10
Bord Pleanála has approved the construction of a 5,400 solar farm near Cork\'s Macroom.
Despite a lot of opposition to the construction of steel, Reeve Wave Ltd got the green light
Frame solar panels are installed on the elevated site of Lissarda Ballytrasna.
The Planning Appeals Board supports a decision of Cork County Council in last February to approve development with a life expectancy of 25 years.
After that, the land will be returned for agricultural use.
The company plans to install solar panels on steel racks not higher than 3. 5 metres. googletag. {});
The panel will be built on the slope along with the power control room, underground cable pipe and boundary safety fence.
Opponents say the massive development of solar energy could have a negative impact on tourism in the region.
They also claim that, among other things, housing development on the site has been rejected in the past because in rural areas, low
Cell density.
They also claim that the project will cause glare and have a negative impact on the adjacent property as well as the vehicles traveling on the main CorkKillarney road.
Michael Dillon, inspector at Bord pleanla, noted that the Cork County development plan states that \"the scale, location and other impacts of solar farms need to be carefully considered \". googletag. {});
However, unlike wind farms, there is no specific strategy in this development plan, he said.
Mr Dillon suggested giving permission to the solar farm.
He said the size was appropriate given the nearby development model and the proposal to screen the site boundaries.
The inspector added 13 conditions to the approval and stated that if they were complied with, \"The development would not damage the residential or visual facilities in the area.
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