feds move to restrict lasers to reduce danger to passing aircraft

by:UMeasure     2020-04-17
On Thursday, the federal government announced strict new measures to ban the highest level
Due to the laser threat to aircraft, they provide power around the airport and the three major cities in Canada.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced new interim measures to ban anyone from owning batteriesoperated hand-
Keep a laser of more than 1 milliwatt outside a private home (such as work or education) without legal purpose.
These restrictions take effect immediately and apply to cities within 10 kilometers of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, and any airport or helicopter yard in Canada.
Transport Canada reported 379 incidents of laser targeting aircraft in 2017, most of them in Ontario and Quebec.
Decline from 590 in 2015 and 527 in 2016
Garneau launched a public awareness campaign to stop this practice.
So far this year, from January to April 30, 63 laser incidents have occurred, including 6 laser incidents at Montreal\'s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.
On the day of February.
Although the frequency of events is getting lower and lower, Garneau said more work needs to be done to stop this practice.
\"These dangerous attacks continue to occur frequently across the country, more than once a day,\" he told reporters in Montreal . \".
\"There are too many laser strikes at a time.
At a critical moment when the plane takes off or lands, shining a laser into the cockpit of the plane can immediately blind or distract the pilot, Garneau said.
Although there has been no documented aircraft accident involving lasers in Canada so far, garneau said, even a few seconds of distraction and blindness can have a \"catastrophic impact\" on the pilot\'s ability to land safely \".
The pilot described a dazzling green light full of the entire cockpit, leading to distraction, flash blindness, and even long periods of time
Dan Adamas, president of the Air Canada Pilots Association, said vision impairment was a term.
\"We \'ve talked to a few pilots who spent two or three days watching the lights in the next few days (
After laser irradiation)
So it\'s serious, \"he said at a news conference.
Those convicted of deliberately targeting the aircraft may be fined up to $100,000, up to five years in prison, or both.
However, Garneau acknowledged that few people were prosecuted because it was difficult to catch them in the act.
Therefore, the new measures include the possibility of violating the rules and fines on the spot to anyone who has a laser.
Now, anyone who grabs it by hand
Laser held in the restricted area for no reason can be immediately fined up to $5,000, while the company can face a fine of up to $25,000.
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