edmonton police measure motorcycle noise ahead of summer

by:UMeasure     2020-04-11
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Edmonton police on Saturday asked people on motorcycles to do so.
Traffic officials say they expect a surge in motorcycles on urban streets in the summer --
More bikes mean more noise.
In order to prevent noise, the police invited people riding motorcycles to go to the NAIT Souch Campus on Gateway Avenue to measure the ringing of bicycles.
According to the 2010 municipal noise charter, most motorcycles on the road cannot exceed 96 decibels, which is equivalent to the volume of the Boeing 737 aircraft before landing.
The officer gave a voice.
Level gauge of 45-
From the point of view of the motorcycle exhaust pipe, then start the engine to see if the bicycle meets the requirements of the charter.
More than 96 cyclists
During the event, the decibel limit for getting tickets was amnesty.
\"[It\'s a good thing for the community]motorcyclists]
Testing their noise because I don\'t want to give someone a ticket if I don\'t need it, \"Sgt.
Said Chandra.
He urged cyclists to become familiar with the rules.
\"This summer, we have received a lot of complaints and things,\" said Chandra . \".
\"The charter is to stay.
It has been here for the last nine years and will not change.
\"Corrie McCaig is one of the few motorcyclists participating in the event.
Fastest growing female rider in motorcycle marketyear-
She started riding a motorcycle four years ago because she wanted to spend more time on it. loving fiancé.
She\'s a veteran.
McCaig even showed some police how to launch her white and red Triumph Street three in one.
\"Do you need any help?
McCaig said before he started riding a bike.
According to the sound-
McCaig passed the test.
She said she believed that, like the relevant articles of association, the Articles of Association had an important purpose. \"As long as [the bylaw]
Not just a motorcycle, but a loud car, a loud exhaust, a loud bass.
I mean, all those things that are loud . \"
\"People like to have fun during the day, but I, first of all, don\'t want to be woken up when I try to sleep.
\"Some passengers are worried about the charter.
Jason McCann has been riding a motorcycle for more than ten years.
He said the sound from the exhaust of the bike saved his life more than once.
On Gateway Avenue, Macon once found himself merging with a vehicle two lanes away into the middle lane at the same time.
When the car driver heard Macon\'s motorcycle, he slowed down and let Macon change first.
The Edmonton rider supports teenagers with serious mental illness, and the Albertans are on the ice road motorcycle trek for good reasons, \"To be honest, this often happens,\" he said. \"[Motorcyclists]
It\'s hard to see it on the road.
\"If you keep them quiet on the road so there is no sound, the people in the car will not know [bikers]
\"Is there any? \" he added ? \".
Like McCaig, McCann doesn\'t want the motorcycle to be picked out.
\"We have a bad reputation.
A lot of people like to turn-bomb [motorcycles]
It makes a lot of noise, and that\'s where it comes from, \"said Macon.
\"But so are cars and trucks. . .
It\'s not just a motorcycle problem.
McCann says he thinks motorcyclists who deliberately make noise should get tickets.
\"If you\'re sitting in a traffic or residential area and just screaming around, it\'s not the same,\" Macon said . \".
Motorcyclists with too much noise may be fined $250.
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