Distance Measurement principle of Piezoelectric ultrasonic sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
When the voltage acts on Athens ceramics, it will produce mechanical deformation with the change of voltage and frequency; On the other hand, when vibration acts on Athens ceramics, electric charges will be generated. Using this principle, a vibrator is composed of two pieces of Athens ceramics or a piece of piezoelectric ceramics and a metal sheet, which is called a bimorph element. When an electrical signal is applied to the bimorph element, it will emit ultrasonic waves due to bending vibration. On the contrary, when ultrasonic vibration is applied to the piezoelectric wafer element, electrical signals are generated. Based on the above functions, piezoelectric ceramics can be used as ultrasonic sensors. Piezoelectric ultrasonic generator uses the resonance of piezoelectric crystal to work. It consists of two piezoelectric wafers and a resonance plate. When the frequency of the two-pole outhome pulse signal is equal to the natural oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric wafer, the piezoelectric wafer will resonate and drive the resonance plate to vibrate, thus generating ultrasonic waves. On the contrary, if there is no applied voltage between the two electrodes, when the resonance plate receives the ultrasonic wave, it will compress the piezoelectric wafer to vibrate and convert the mechanical energy into an electrical signal, then it will become an ultrasonic receiver.
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