cross line lasers

by:UMeasure     2020-04-13
If you are working in the construction industry, you will be used to using straight lines and ask to use the mental level to make sure things are straight and accurate.
Spirit level is a very convenient device, but it has limited functions. They are very small and accurate, but there is room for slight errors.
With the advancement of technology, equipment and powerful (
More expensive though)
Offering an alternative to the mental level: the cross line laser is a device that is 100% accurate and extremely powerful, and if you need to calculate a straight line, both vertical and horizontal, this device is all you need.
Feature projection of bright horizontal lines the feature projection capability of bright vertical lines is very powerful (
Additional protection provided)
O simple operation, with single button function, retractable laser rod (
Some versions are available)
O out of level indicator so most devices are equipped with tripod mounting screws (
Allows to install the cross line laser on the camera holder.
These devices have many functions, different from the mental level, and can perform bright and accurate vertical lines when touching buttons;
They will also warn you if the line is at a level by issuing a warning noise.
They include a pendulum self-leveling mechanism, which ensures the accuracy of the equipment and gives users peace of mind.
The only downside of these wonderful devices is their sophistication, and if the device falls from a high altitude, they contain what is called a \"prism \"(
Even a small one)
It is very likely that the prism inside will be damaged, making the equipment useless.
Many warranty does not include \"drops\" of the cross line laser, please make sure to check it before purchasing and use it carefully.
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