coordinated nodding of a two-dimensional lidar for dense three-dimensional range measurements

by:UMeasure     2020-06-16
Sensing technology is an integral part of any autonomous system.
Especially two-dimensional (2-D)
Distance sensors play a key role in robot positioning, mapping and other sensing tasks. But, 2-
D measurement provides limited information about the environment while 3-
Series D sensors provide a better understanding of the environment for robots to make key decisions. However, 3-
The D-Series sensors currently available on the market are too expensive to be heavily deployed by small robots.
So we introduce a new type of low cost 3-
D Series sensors, 2-with affordable-D lidar.
Nod the lidar using a high speed servo system and generate 3-
Perception of the surrounding environment.
We have established a mathematical model of the dynamics of the sensor system to prove that 3-
The surface when installed on the robot. The proposed 3-
D. The laser sensor is a novel way to coordinate the horizontal and vertical angles, which can produce unique intensive scanning.
In addition, we propose an optimal nod scheme that allows the laser beam to cover the entire scanning window in the best possible way. Real-
By re-installing the time environment on the mobile robot in the indoor environment.
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