comparison of the kane formula with existing formulas for intraocular lens power selection

by:UMeasure     2020-04-18
Objective to compare the accuracy of new artificial crystals (IOL)power formula (Kane formula)
The existing formula using IOLMaster is mainly Model 3, biometrics (
Measure the axial length of the variable, the curvature of the cornea, and the depth of the front room)
And optimized lens constants.
Compare the accuracy of three new or updated AI power formulas (Kane, Hill-RBF V. 2.
0 and hollanday 2 with new axial length adjustment)
Compared with the existing formula (
Barrett, Barrett Universal 2, Haigis, hollanday 1, Hoffer Q, SRK/T).
Methods and analysis in a private clinic in Melbourne, a surgeon retrospective case review was conducted for patients undergoing calm cataract surgery with acryiq IQ SN60WF intraocular lens implantation within 11 years.
Using the optimized lens constant, the predicted refraction results of each formula are calculated for each patient.
This is compared with the actual refraction results to give the prediction error.
The eyes are divided into the following subgroups according to the length of the eye axis: Short (≤22. 0u2009mm), medium (>22. 0u2009to
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