banned but better: fly straight golf balls go extra distance

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
Bolara\'s original golf balls are impossible: they always fly straight.
Their success is also their failure: The ball is too effective for duels with slower volatility and better mechanical performance.
Obviously no two golfers are just as bad.
Now the company is back. -
It has a solution.
You see, the original Polara Ultimate Straight golf course was designed with a patented dimples, reducing the side rotation, which resulted in hooks and slices.
Dramatic counter
However, there is a price for the slice effect: a lower lift, which reduces the distance.
This is not a problem for players who otherwise would have a hard life on both sides of the pitch.
But for the gentle slices.
With these people in mind, Polara released a second ball XD this year.
Like the original, it uses a special dimples from me.
Correct side spin, but it can reduce the correction and lifting by 25%.
Dave Felker, president of Polara, told FoxNews that \"the key reception to our original ball last year was amazing . \". com.
\"But some of our customers don\'t like compromise on distance,\" he added . \" Amazon\'s user reviews also illustrate this, he noted.
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\"So we designed a 50% corrected ball instead of the original 75%.
The result is that a ball gives people as much distance as a regular golf ball, while also reducing the slice.
\"I recently had the opportunity to test new balls at my local practice ground, just like the original Fox News.
Com reviewed last year that the new XD works like an ad, adding about 10 yards while keeping it straight.
The new XD is not for everyone, though.
To understand the difference, consider the width of the fairway from 90 to 135 feet.
Assuming that a \"horrible slicer\" is a person who hits a ball at 100 feet or more of the center line, when using the original 75% correction ball, the slicer says that the slicer is only 25 feet offline in the lane.
However, he is still vulnerable to rough treatment when using the new XD.
As the slice is reduced by 50%, equal to a 50 feet reduction in the center line, this will still put him into thick things on the narrow fairway (
45 feet from center line.
Why is it OK to lie on the internet, says Felker, XD is best suited for a more gentle slicer-\"tap the player or player with better mechanics\"
And for the players who hit the ball, the ultimate straight path is still ideal (i. e. men in general)
Or any one who\'s rocking.
\"It\'s perfect if the first one doesn\'t work for you,\" Felker said . \".
Still answered the criticism of the course, like the original ultimate straight last year, the new XD was banned from the USGA tournament
Everything from the club tournament to the Masters.
After all, the original short-
The live Polara ball in its early 80 s did a great job of reducing slices, so USGA created the \"non-asymmetric ball\" rule to ban it.
The golf authorities then reached an agreement with Polara to remove the ball from the shelf until last year.
So, golf purists say that using Polara is like using a scammer\'s ball, steroid or sweet no-
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\"Isn\'t it easy to lie about your score,\" Jeff Newman, a truly clear athlete, wrote last year.
No big deal, Felker told FoxNews. com.
\"I don\'t want to see things that are not qualified become legal.
Our mission is to make golf more interesting. That\'s all.
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For this, the company plans to release additional performance-
In the next six months, enhance the equipment for the entertainment players.
Felker won\'t say anything, but he soon noticed that the release will be more than just a new ball.
\"If you play in America,S.
These products are not for you, \"he said.
\"We will continue to build equipment that is limited only by the laws of physics, not to USGA rules that are not applicable to 85% players who have already played gimme putter, mulligans, illegally dropped ---
Or just want to make their next round of golf as enjoyable as possible.
Blake Snow is a writer, software reviewer and weekend golfer from Utah.
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