alleged ticket-fixing paralegal gets green light to practise

by:UMeasure     2020-04-09
A court of the Bar Association decided that a New York district prosecutor faced criminal charges for allegedly manipulating tickets and could return to his assistant under certain restrictions.
Catherine petello
Face charges of breach of trust and obstruction of justice
The tribunal ruled that she could practice \"as an employee of another licensee\" and must \"notify all clients that her practice is restricted \".
\"The weight of evidence supporting criminal charges that impede justice and violate public trust is not significant,\" the decision said . \". (
Alan, her famous criminal defense lawyer)
The Golden view is that these allegations are worthless and should not be made. “Ms.
Petrolo denied the resolutions, but the evidence was not conclusive (traffic)
The ticket was above the expected standard or she accepted the bribe, \"the decision said.
\"There are no allegations that a large amount of money has changed hands, that some have avoided charges of major crimes, and that the public has lost a large amount of money,\" the decision said . \".
Frank Alfano, an assistant lawyer representing Petrolo, expressed \"We are very pleased\" with the decision \".
Alfano strongly objected to the temporary suspension of Petrolo\'s lawyer\'s assistant licence in court because his client was charged with manipulating traffic tickets in exchange for a computer, tablet computer, and a John Dyer gift card.
\"Cathy\'s record as an assistant lawyer is flawless,\" Alfano said . \".
\"The reason is to take our argument completely and acknowledge the weaknesses in the criminal charges, and now Cathy can go back to work. ”Petrolo, 36 —
Assistant practicing lawyer working for York area since 2013
She earned more than $100,000 a year when she was fired by the district attorney\'s office in October.
She was charged with 10-
The New York Regional Police Department also received a month\'s investigation.
Richard\'s in big trouble.
The 44-year-old faces criminal charges including cocaine trafficking.
\"The charges against Petrolo and Senior must have been exaggerated,\" said Senior lawyer John strouthers . \".
Kristina MacDonald, assistant disciplinary counsel for the Bar Association, wants to suspend or restrict petrolo\'s practice in order to prevent \"significant harm to the public and the judiciary \".
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