wholesale prices up a whole point - wholesale laser level

by:UMeasure     2019-09-13
wholesale prices up a whole point  -  wholesale laser level
In July, wholesale-level inflation increased its maximum number in nine months, reflecting the consumer's impact on gas pumps.
The Labor Department reported that the producer price index (ppi), which measures price pressure in July, rose 1%, the biggest increase since the dollar.
Last October growth 5%.
The report on wholesale prices describes many of the same price pressures shown in 0.
Consumer prices rose 5% on Tuesday.
However, the wholesale report showed that core inflation, excluding energy and food, rose by a worrying 0.
July was 4%, the largest increase since January.
The core inflation rate at the retail level has risen by a more moderate 0.
% July 1.
The biggest difference between the two reports is the measurement of new car prices.
In the consumer inflation report, car prices fell by 1%, while car prices rose by 1.
5% in the wholesale price report.
Hot news center zone climate change documentary Trump derogatory Twitter David Ortiz was discharged from Moscow protest analysts explained the difference, saying the wholesale report measures inflation in the early stages of the supply chain, attractive incentives were introduced in June, and consumer price reports did not adopt them until July.
According to the wholesale price report, energy prices rose 4.
The increase was 4% per cent in July and 2% per cent in June.
The price of gasoline has risen by 10.
9%, the biggest increase in 12 years.
8% per cent increase in last October.
Analysts warn that drivers should be prepared for another sharp rise in gasoline prices in August. This reflects the fact that gasoline prices have continued to rise in recent weeks as oil prices have soared above $66 a barrel.
The government announced Monday that the national average price of gasoline rose to $2.
In the latest survey, 55 cents per gallon, up 18 cents in just a week.
Diesel and jet fuel have grown similarly.
"Regardless of whether the fundamentals are reasonable or not, there is a lot of money invested in the oil industry, and kloza said in an early program on CBS News:" investing a lot of money to invest, we may run here for another 30 to 40 days. " (video).
"To catch up with what's going on in the global market, we have about five, ten or fifteen cents per gallon.
"Anyone who thinks these prices have no consequences needs to rethink this," Kloza added . ".
However, other analysts believe that this year's oil crisis will not push the country into recession like the 1970 and 1980 oil crises, because the situation is different.
They believe that this year's oil crisis is happening under low inflation pressure outside of energy, which means the Fed will not feel the need to actively raise interest rates in response to widespread inflation.
PPI reports show that the cost of food at the wholesale level fell for the fourth consecutive month, a decrease of 0.
As the cost of fresh vegetables, fruits and beef all declined, it fell by 3% in July.
However, with the current drought in the Midwest, this may change soon.
Water shortage has hit corn crops in the central and western regions especially hard.
Missouri farmer Mike Henry told CBS News reporter Cynthia Bowlesvideo)
At this time of year, his corn cob should be high enough to get farmers lost, but less than half this year.
"Corn is usually 12 to 14 feet high.
But the stems in his field are five to 6 feet tall.
Wholesale prices have risen by 4 in the past 12 months.
6%, while core inflation, excluding food and energy, rose to a more moderate level. 8 percent.
Computers are an area where prices continue to fall and prices continue to fall.
% July 1.
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