who will be the next martha? - laser level with distance measure

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who will be the next martha?  -  laser level with distance measure
On Thursday, January, CBS began a new reality show. 6. , at 8:00 p. m ET/PT.
Contestants don't have to eat bugs or go to remote islands.
But they have to heat their glue gun and double boiler.
The host of the "perfect" Emmy Award --
Award-winning reporter Joan Lundon said in an early show
The new reality show puts twelve "Martha wannabi" in a mansion for four weeks and attacks each other on a range of lifestyle projects, including cooking, crafts, decor, etc.
Bobby Fry, the famous chef and restaurant owner (Mesa Grill), Emmy Award-
Nominated designer David STA (
Rosie O'Donnell Show)and best-
Selling author Candice nell (
"Sex and City" and "trade ")
Will serve as a judge.
The winner will receive many awards, including six appearances on early shows, a lifestyle development agreement --
For TV shows and publishing agreements with Atria Books, a division of publisher Simon & Schuster, which, like CBS, owns.
Hit news Garlic Festival Shooting Center Zone climate change documentary Dan Coates resigned from Brooklyn shooting despite the contestants being split into two teams, every week there is a team thrown from the luxurious 22,000 square feet estate where they not only live together, but also live together.
"Each room has a small TV camera hidden somewhere," Lunden notes . " He pointed out that the audience will have the opportunity to watch their every move.
She said it was very interesting to see people start playing games and things start getting political over the past few weeks.
As things progress, they begin to have a different view of each other.
"Initially, they were all in the same sauerkraut," Lundon said.
They were just thrown in without any alliance and without knowing anything.
But when they are interested in the game, you see the mind clicking and you never know who they will send home.
It is very important to have an "it" factor, Lundon said.
This is designer David STA coming in.
Not only do contestants have to know how to hold a big party, but they also have to be able to make the audience think they can do the same.
In addition to clothes, each contestant can bring a bag, Lundon said. -
One of their tricks.
"So, what did they bring?
"This is not your usual business.
One with eight different bits.
There are glue gun, laser leveller, food seasoning and favorite recipe.
"While domestic art was once a hobby for some, Martha Stewart took it to another level and has now become millions --Dollar industry.
Lundon said, "I was surprised that they had 10,000 applicants on a show that wasn't even aired and got 50 in Los Angeles. A.
Test their skills and get these twelve.
Some are bakers, chefs and desktop designers, and some are housewives who know how to do everything.
You went to her house and she took out this amazing cloth and she made the tablecloth and she decorated the house beautifully and you would think, "Oh my God, I wish I could do all these things
One interesting added value of the show, Lundon notes, is that viewers will be able to watch and understand how these domestic artists do it.
"Instructions on what the program itself cannot show will be on the website of the program.
So the audience can see some clever ideas and then access the network and learn how to do it on their own.
"In the first episode, the contestants were told they were going to have tea.
So they appeared in nines dressed in costumes and were told they had to pick as many apples as possible in 30 minutes.
The women soon got rid of their Mount stillleto and began climbing the top of the tree, Lundon said.
Lunden observed: "Right away, you start to realize who has a certain talent, because some people know that there are eight different kinds of apples, some that you can use to cook, and some that you can use to make
"You start to see who has an advantage and you start to see personality coming up right away.
At the beginning, you will surely know who the audience will cheer for and who they will like to hate.
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