while campaigning in indiana, ted cruz butchers famous scene from movie ‘hoosiers’ - digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-09-13
while campaigning in indiana, ted cruz butchers famous scene from movie ‘hoosiers’  -  digital measuring tape
This week, the latest episode of the next president of the United States is being filmed in the center, with candidates pouring into Indiana for a noisy heart, but mostly their votes.
They ordered cheese steak in Philadelphia and delicious food in Iowa.
So only in Indiana, where the hoop, Pepper Trail, and barn door, will the candidate take a deep root there. Ted Cruz tried.
Ted Cruz failed.
On Tuesday night, at a campaign rally in Knight town, in the gym where the famous film Hoosiers filmed, the Republican senator from Texas tried to reproduce the classic scene of the film.
With the whole gym paying attention to him, Cruz excitedly points to the end of the course, a man in a sweater vest standing in front of the ball on a red ladder.
In his hands, he holds a tape measure, a scene in hores where the coach of the underdog basketball team from the Indiana countryside tries to appease the nerves of his awesome players.
Just after they strolled through the movie Butler Stadium, the coach measured the height of the target and said, "10 feet
I think you will find that this is exactly the same size as our gym in Hickory.
Thank you for your encouragement, coach.
This is the version of Ted Cruz: "You know, the magic of the Indiana basketball circle, it's as high as New York City and the rest of the country.
Nothing Hoosiers can't do.
He called it a ring.
In the home of free land and basketball lovers, children have loved the creaking sound of tennis shoes on hardwood floors since childhood. Bobby Knight is a household name, and ted Cruz calls the basketball circle a basketball circle.
Speaking of the infamous former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who is known for throwing a chair at the stadium angrily in 1985 games, he will attend the Indiana Star report on Wednesday at the Indiana star.
Hopefully Donald won't tell the crowd Knights to throw a table.
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