where cae meets inspection devices: size and distance pose no problem. - handheld distance meter

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where cae meets inspection devices: size and distance pose no problem.  -  handheld distance meter
No problem with size and distance.
The commercial reality of today's manufacturing industry
Fierce competition and continuous competition to maintain the quality of the final product
Speeds up the need for faster and more efficient methods in validation.
The development of these technologies has reached a huge crossroads.
Co-working software and hardware device developers address challenges by identifying barriers and development states in the production processof-the-art solutions. Thesenew-
Generate quality verification tools to provide accurate decision making
Enable "information, enabling engineers to make confident tool corrections and design modifications.
By simplifying the evaluation of accessories and functional parts, eliminating rework and line closures, today's manufacturers can truly add value to the line while protecting it.
Final validation usually, the final validation solution is
Effective Software products support a variety of testing equipment.
Ease of use must be one of the main functions of the system, so that all relevant workshop and quality control personnel have the ability
Analysis of demand.
The verification system must run on both desktop and laptop computers and check the device interface with all portable or independent CMM.
It can quickly connect to the company's internal network and share the CAD file format in both directions.
The system must be well integrated with the source inspector in the workshop environment, quality control department, and even on site.
It will cover the entire scope of validation applications, E. G. to-
Point analysis of parts tools, fixtures or assemblies and performance-time analysis. Point-to-
Surface and Surfaceto-
Surface analysis can also be performed using a single file or dynamically.
CMM operators will create vectors on CAD models using software programs, dynamically select CMM formats, program and simulate each move.
After programming, the operator can perform all the necessary analysis tasks and generate reports.
The text report will provide point numbers, labels, surface descriptions, and can be customized.
The graphic report will display point numbers, labels, alignment benchmarks and deviations in 3D colors to provide complete documentation for any inspection item. "Best-
Fit "analysis of the part will allow for better alignment of the coordinate system, and in many cases one is initially marked out-of-tolerance. Built-
In CAD, functions are also very important to verify the system.
The CAD function allows the operator to visualize, operate, and clean up the 3D CAD model of the inspected part, fixture, tool, or assembly.
Tasks can be performed on the right side of the workshop, such as reversing surface vector normals, moving shield or moving isolation geometry to layers, removing unwanted entities, generating vectors, and even adding or expanding surfaces.
New generation detection coordinate measuring instrument (CMM)
It is a way to collect 3d coordinate data from processed parts and convert information into CAD-usable data.
The surface capacity of the traditional CMM may be from a few inches to a few feet with a tolerance range of 0. 001"and up.
In the past few years, a new generation of testing equipment
Laser Tracker for motor
Navigation and camera systems-
Has entered the market to provide dynamic or non-contact detection functions.
These systems may have a surface area of up to hundreds of feet and can be targeted at large products such as aircraft, ships and construction structures.
Manual 3D CMM, such as digitizer for FARO, Romer, Immersion, brown, and Sharpe, allows users to freely define the settings for collecting points and cross-data
Part of the model.
The basic input device can be manual.
Convert digitizer into a micro scribe for fixed devices such as 3d mouse or CMM.
At the high end of the price range, these devices will automatically collect point data;
Scan the outline of the physical model;
And generate "point cloud" or a series of crossoversections.
The user can control the number of "slice or cut planes", the distance between the intersection points, and the tolerance factor.
At the high end, Leica's new generation laser tracker theLTD500 is an accurate (to 0. 001[inches])
, Portable, 3D coordinate measurement system for shutdown
Large size inspection.
The Ltd500 allows a single operator to accurately measure a single point or scan the entire surface.
In addition to the laser interferometer and angle encoder, the LTD500 also has a patented absolute distance measuring instrument that can automatically detect and pointand-
Shooting measurements.
According to the user's requirements, the device can continuously measure a series of spherical reflection targets at a rate of 1000 points per second, some of which are small standard tool balls
Time, distance, or grid measurement criteria defined.
The reflector can be mounted on a machine tool or robot arm to record continuous movement and provide true
Timemachine interface with laser accuracy.
The precise and portable LTD500 laser tracker can be positioned by wheel and quickly connected to the coordinate system of the object for easy measurement.
Even if the production downtime of large tools, fixtures and fixtures is minimal, it is possible to quickly check and compare with the nominal value or CADmodels.
Laser tracking systems for inspection, construction, reverse engineering and machine control applications in various industries
Aerospace, automobile, railway construction, telecom, etc. V-
The star from the land survey service company is the product line of digital photography (
Also known as video measurement)
From tool and part detection to surface measurement, systems for various industrial applications.
To obtain the dimensional information of the part, the object is taken from at least two viewing directions with a digital camera.
Powerful image processing software and photographic measurement software to process digital imagesbundle-
Triangulation provides 3D coordinates and statistical information for each measurement point. In V-STARS' off-
In line mode, the target is placed on the object, or relative to the point of interest.
A single camera is used to continuously capture objects from several viewpoints.
Amera can be connected directly to a laptop or laptop, which is useful in remote control applications. V-
The star also has a nong-
Line mode in which the object is shot at the same time as two or more cameras from different viewing positions.
After the image is taken, the image is processed immediately and the measurement results are provided within a few seconds.
Small wireless handheld devices
Held probethat is targeted and comes with a standard CMM tip, it is possible to measure an object without a target.
From the calibration position of the target on the detector, it is easy to derive the position of the probetip.
Verification and analysis software verisurf "analysis "(
Verisurf software, Anaheim, CA)
A good example of Windows
Multi-Surface detection and analysis software program based on auxiliary manufacturing quality control.
The software uses data collected from various supported inspection equipment to accurately compare machined parts with 3D CAD models of parts, while greatly reducing the need for full-size 2d drawings.
CAD models can be imported from almost any CAD system, or ifa CAD models are not available, and quality control personnel can quickly create 3D models from blueprints using 2D and 3D CAD drawing tools.
Once the part is measured and the deviation between the 3D CADmodel and its corresponding detection data is analyzed,to-
Explain the point where the terrain color and text report show the tolerance of the parts to and from.
The color legend shows the number of deviations in different shades.
For example, red represents a negative tone (
Tolerance exceeded)deviations;
Blue represents the front (
Tolerance exceeded)deviations;
Set the points within the limits to be displayed in green.
A unique "best fit" feature included in VERISURF "analysis" helps align the coordinates of the checked data with the CAD model, with a maximum of six degrees of freedom.
The software program will continuously rotate the point cloud data on the detection device to the CAD model until the "best fit" is achieved ".
This work enables manufacturers to save parts that they may have previously scrapped by assuming that the parts are out of tolerance.
The company can confirm or verify whether the parts are within the tolerance range and help them to certify whether they meet the iso9001 standard.
"Bestfit" has dozens of options, including the ability to lock any shaft or shaft combination during operation, while allowing the remaining axes to move freely.
In order to simplify the verification process, the help of engineering department is no longer needed to create vectors on 3d models to program CMM.
The "Teach" method allows operators to collect random points using detection devices and bring them into VERISURF "analysis" to automatically create the vector normal required for vector method programming.
The program also supports the "CAD" method in which checkpoints can be created on CAD models in many ways.
For example, an operator can use the mouse to dynamically link to the surface and select the point to be measured;
Or the user can create a grid of points on the surface.
After the point is specified, the software will generate a vector file that can be programmed and formatted for DCC.
In the area of providing open architecture and other integrated approaches, software developers have made significant progress in validation techniques to meet the multifaceted needs of the manufacturing industry.
Now, even in multiple cases of simultaneous use, an unlimited number of different detection devices can be dynamically integrated.
The future of the verification technology depends on the communication, commonality and compatibility of the inspection department throughout the manufacturing environment.
Like mediators, software and hardware companies pass on what we have learned in each department, share our problem-solving skills, expose overlapping efforts, and demonstrate newideas.
By combining all of these processes, consistency and ease of use can only simplify the entire validation process, making it more efficient and profitable for any manufacturing company.
For more information on Verisurf software, please see roundabout 431, Anaheim, CA;
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