vancouver wife of inventor of the laser headed to paris for first international day of light - laser measuring equipment

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vancouver wife of inventor of the laser headed to paris for first international day of light  -  laser measuring equipment
The laser her husband invented paved the way for smartphones, but Catherine Mayman in Vancouver didn't even have it.
"Ted may laugh about it," she said in a recent interview . ".
Although Maiman is a smartphone user, he has inherited his husband's legacy since his death 11 years ago.
Laser inventor Theodore Mayman moved to Vancouver in 1999 to become a part-time professor at Simon Fraser University.
In fact, in May 16, 1960, the world's first laser-a small device that turns normal diffuse light into a single concentrated laser beam for the first time-was kept in a safe place --
The safe box in downtown Vancouver is not rented to the museum.
"It still works," Maiman said . " He met and married the inventor in 1984.
On May 16, Maiman will attend the first celebration of the international day of light held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization earlier this year in Paris (UNESCO).
She will give a speech at a UNESCO headquarters event attended by Nobel Prize winners and scientists.
"My message will be what Ted has always said: don't follow guru.
If you have already learned and calculated, take risks.
"Seeing his father as an electrical engineer, he worked on his own invention, including an electric stethoscope, is a lesson that Maman learned.
But when his thoughts were cold, old Myman became discouraged and gave up.
After studying at Stanford University, Theodore Maman found a job at Hughes Research Lab.
Scientists around the world are trying to be the first to make lasers.
Maiman was successful with only $50,000 and a research assistant, using rubies to help focus the light.
"I'm excited," Maiman said in an interview with the Vancouver Sun on 2000 . "
"But to be honest, I'm a little numb . . . . . . I don't understand the seriousness of what I do.
"Like his father's basement patch, Myman's work is also under suspicion-a good fear. “L. A.
In 2007, a headline recalled in an article by Maiman: "Human beings invented the ray of death . ".
But the scientific community will soon understand that.
"Scientists know they want (
To the invention of laser)
"Even if they don't know what they're going to do with it," his wife said . ".
Supermarket scanners, surgical instruments and precision measuring equipment are some of the more obvious innovations associated with lasers.
In a recent introduction to her husband
The memoir published by Catherine Mayman attributed the invention
Because they all depend on the manufacture of optical fibers, integrated circuits and microchips, speed internet, smartphones and social media are possible.
Maiman said she did not understand the detailed physics of her husband's work, but he was an excellent teacher.
"I don't do lasers myself, but I'm already in that world," she said . ".
"He has a way to explain things.
He did not speak on anyone's head.
While Theodore Mayman did not see the advantages of smartphones, he was very interested in the medical use of lasers and the therapeutic ability of light.
In May 16-5, when the laser was invented, people all over the world will remember his contribution to science and the modern world.
"The announcement of this annual International Day will enable the world to recognize the central role of light and light --
In the fields of science, technology, culture, education and sustainable development, technology-based technologies play a role in the lives of citizens of the world . "
"He has the determination and the courage," Catherine Myman said of the inventor . ".
"He did prove himself.
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