ttc drug testing gets green light - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-24
ttc drug testing gets green light  -  green light laser level
TTC can now continue its efforts to ensure that drivers in transit are awake.
The Ontario High Court cleared the way Monday for TTC employees to implement random drug and alcohol tests.
"It's all for safety," said spokesman Brad Ross . ".
"We have an obligation to be the safest transportation system we can be.
In order to keep it safe, we feel it is necessary to add it randomly.
We want our employees to show up when they are suitable for work.
Transit trade union after merger (ATU)
Local 113 representing more than 10,500 TTC workers applied to the court for a ban to stop the drug testing program.
Chief Justice Frank Maroko denied the union's application.
Ross added that TTC, as an employer of 14,000 people, has a "duty of care" to transport 0. 5 billion passengers each year.
TTC has been subjected to random tests under certain conditions since 2010
When there is a reasonable cause or accident.
According to the latest plan, random tests will apply to everyone from CEO to fare collector, Ross said.
Kevin Morton, secretary of the ATU, said the union and TTC are under arbitration and are scheduled to discuss random tests on Tuesday.
"This is not a good sign for negotiations.
"I don't think the judge made a good decision," Morton said . ".
"We're not saying that you're going to get hurt because your job is damaged, but it's a political persecution.
How many rights do you want to take from people?
Security yes, but within the scope of the loss of civil rights?
TTC will use an alcohol analyzer to detect the presence of alcohol and look for illegal drug use through oral liquid sample testing.
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