"the wave": the growing danger of monster waves - laser measuring equipment

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A shocking video two weeks ago
There are bound to fail cruises on blogs and news sites.
Allegedly, the video was taken on a Pacific Sun cruise in the waves off the coast of New Zealand, showing a series of waves shaking inside the ship.
The crew held on to the wall for dear life.
The furniture flew from one side of the boat to the other, and passengers rolled in the air.
Under the deck, a complete
The size forklift is thrown around like a child's toy.
In Super time
The size of this video and seemingly unsinkable cruises are a terrible reminder of the power of the high seas.
Susan Casey, in her engrossed new book, the waves, looked at the giant and calm --
The mysterious power of the big waves is like the waves that hit the Pacific Sun. Casey --
He has long been a science and sports journalist and is currently editor-in-chief of Oprah magazine O. -
Most fascinated by the recently discovered rogue wave phenomenon: it can be two times or more strange waves in the surrounding waters, it is easy to sink large ships, batter cruises, or cause serious damage to 100foot oil rigs.
On average, two large ships sank every week around the world.
A lot of people are probably because of these hooligans, some of whom are over 120 feet tall.
As part of her research, Kathy also visited a Gulf of Alaska known for creating the largest waves known to humans (
Including, in a case, a 1,740-foot super-giant)
, Spoke to marine experts on the terrible effects of global warming on the waves, and traveled with a group of surfers, including the legendary Laird Hamilton, who specializes in handling the terrible 100 event. footers.
The book is a well-reported, ruthless, delightful book, sometimes highly suspense ---
Even those of us who rarely venture into the water.
Sharon talked to Kathy over the phone about mega-
The tsunami is an increasingly serious "wave" problem in the world. To be exact, the tsunami can cause 1,740-
Foot wall of water.
Over the past few years, especially after the South Asian tsunami, there seems to be more talk about the dangers of big waves.
YouTube is filled with videos of cruise ships being hit by hooligans or big waves.
Lloyds cruises in London are actually very concerned about cruises.
One of them said to me: "This is a risk of high concentration.
You already have 5,000 people on bigger and bigger ships and they are getting into places like gnarlier and gnarlier.
"They are now in Antarctica, for example.
Recently, a cruise ship weighing 100 kilometers was hit.
Foot rogue wave and all its navigation devices were knocked out and the windows were broken.
On another recent cruise in Antarctica, all the people were in the water, which is not a good situation.
By the grace of God, there is another ship nearby.
It was not until recently that we were able to prove the existence of a huge wave of hooligans.
Why is it so long to meet 100 people?
Foot rogue waves generally don't come back to tell people.
People think these people are exaggerating.
In the early 80 s, satellites came along with better weather radar and laser measuring devices, which helped people understand them better.
They can stick them on a boat or ocean buoy with a more accurate reading.
At 1995, there is a well.
Events recorded on the North Sea oil platform.
In a day with 38 people
Foot sea, 85-
Foot wave popped out and smashed the platform.
Measured by laser.
Just then, scientists really turned to each other and said, "according to the laws of basic marine physics and oceans, what should not happen here.
"From the light point of view, chaos theory, quantum physics and physical theory can understand why a wave can suddenly steal energy from the other four waves around it and become this unstable,
If the flight disappears on the surface of the Sea, why do people not pay more attention to the ships that disappear, everyone will feel angry and fearful.
When something happened to a ship in the Andaman Sea, it had an Lao crew, first of all a rusty barrel, and it wouldn't make the front page of The New York Times.
Many things in the ocean are invisible and invisible.
People think it is a terrible, dark, mysterious place, in a way, it is.
But you will encounter situations like Derbyshire, the largest ship ever missing at sea.
On 1985 it was in a hurry without any time to send a distress signal.
Because of the British crew, the families of all the missing sailors are lobbying ---and got --
The British government has conducted three investigations into the ship's disappearance.
They may have run into waves 120 to 130 feet high, and it breaks the boat in half like a pencil.
They found the stern about 10 miles from the bow.
Why should people care more about these huge rogue waves than just shipping-
We are all affected because we live on a planet that is dominated by salt water and oceans.
It is one of our most powerful natural forces, and it is basically unknown to us.
This is a fairly volatile situation, especially if you think 60% of the global population lives within 30 miles of the coastline.
When the 2004 tsunami struck, people asked, "What does the tsunami mean? What is the meaning of waves ashore ? " People behave as if they had never happened before, but they do.
Some people in the book claim that the waves are getting bigger and bigger due to global warming.
How certain we are is that this is an extreme situation, and it becomes even more extreme.
For example, if there is a Category 5 hurricane, it has the potential to become a stronger Category 5 hurricane.
They have not yet proved that the frequency is changing, but the wind will definitely be higher.
It is undeniable that sea levels are rising and temperatures are rising, so there is more heat and energy in these systems.
This is not rocket science.
For those living at sea level, potential storm surges also have ominous effects.
Katrina is another big eye. opener.
We can't develop muscles around the age of 30.
The foot waves ashore.
There are many coastal erosion problems in the north.
The ice is melting, so the waves that used to break on the ice floes are now breaking on land, which is eroding and the waves are getting closer and closer.
Beach erosion is a huge problem in Hawaii;
The waves on the beach are getting bigger and bigger.
The most shocking fact of this book is that in 1958, a Bay in Alaska suffered 1,740-
There is such a big wave of the World Trade Center.
This is the biggest wave ever.
It happened in the Finger Bay of Alaska, about half of Glacier Bay National Park.
This is a very scary place.
It turns out that it is basically designed by nature to create the biggest waves on Earth.
In this case, a major explosion occurred near the Fairweather Fault, pushing parts of Alaska 47 feet kilometers into the air.
Lots of rock and ice fall into the bay from the steep hillside-
It's like dropping the paving stone off the ladder in the bathtub.
So this 1,740-
Foot splash wave
Scientists are able to determine exactly how big the waves are because the forests and hillsides are shaved.
This has happened over and over again in this bay, where hundreds of people died ---
Local, Russian seal hunter
The ripples coming out of the inside are 200 and 300 feet high.
Three ships were parked there at that time.
The existence of two of these ships allows you to go straight to it, which is indeed counter-intuitive, but the only way you can survive.
You have to overcome the waves before they break.
If you get caught on your lips, you will die.
This is the third ship.
How much attention should be paid to the huge waves like this that hit more areas of the population, and these things did happen.
About 8,000 years ago, a huge underwater landslide off the coast of Norway caused waves to flood parts of Britain.
There are many mountains and volcanoes under the ocean, and when they start moving in dramatic ways, there is a huge tsunami.
But I don't think it's worth worrying about.
You spend a lot of time around a bunch of surfers who take a huge 60-to 100-foot waves.
What is surfing, how is it going from this edge movement to the micro industry? These are extreme.
These guys are for surfing. Astronauts are for pilots. -
They're not real surfers.
Even as a micro-industry, this is still an extreme thing.
40 feet or more is the maximum wave size that people can actually draw in because these waves move too fast.
It's like climbing to catch the subway at the station. [
Pioneer of drag surfing
The basic point of Laird Hamilton is that the coolest waves on Earth will not be driven by anyone, so, together with the rest of Maui, he created a new movement.
They came with jet skis and tow ropes and reconfigured the boards so they were smoother, heavier, but smaller, with foot straps so they could withstand the pressure of turning at the bottom.
The early lessons of drag surfing are hard, but over time it has grown to the point where they have really effective security protocols.
There are terrible injuries and terrible deaths, but it seems to work well and safe when you think about what they are doing.
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