the illusion of the holographic universe - long distance laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
the illusion of the holographic universe  -  long distance laser level
An ongoing illusion that exists in this universe is broken down into the smallest detail that looks like a barcode--
Binary code for 1s and 0 s, ons and off;
Because the basis of our reality is digitalization.
Because we live in a holographic virtual reality universe that we think is "real ---
Although this is not true;
As Einstein said, this is an illusion, "a very lasting illusion ".
Our reality is based on frequency;
The only place it exists is in our minds.
Even thoughts and emotions are frequency. -
Use it as a broadcast;
If you spread hatred to the world, there will be more hatred in the world.
What happens if you play love?
Our virtual reality is interactive.
It's not just a way.
Not only do we receive, but we also broadcast;
That's why the universe responds to us like it does.
In such a soft way, it is so subtle that those who do not pay attention and try to understand what is happening will never know that the universe is reacting to them.
Although we are rarely aware of this, we can always get what we really want;
That's why it's so important to really understand yourself.
Most of us don't know what we want, because the only thing we can understand is what we experience ---
But that's not what we want.
What we experience is because what our subconscious wants;
Therefore, this is the "demand" that actually manifests into reality comes from--
Most people in the world don't know how this works.
This is why so many people have so much fear in their lives: for others have told their subconscious what they want, and therefore it will manifest itself in the flesh ---
They don't tell their subconscious what it should want, so they manifest themselves into an experienced reality.
You have to plan your own mind, your subconscious mind.
The whole environment we live in affects the subconscious, and everyone around us has been broadcasting information to it.
This is why we react to things because of vibration;
In any case, we love it or hate it and don't care at all. . .
This is all because of vibration, that is, frequency.
This is why Indigenous people in the world always do things with music, chanting scriptures and the like, such as the "Rain Dance" of Native Americans ";
They realize that they can make a mark on the vibration, thus affecting the space around them, especially the music, which is obviously only the frequency and vibration.
Japanese researcher Masaru EmotoMasaru Emoto did amazing things with water, showing how our thoughts and emotions can and do have an amazing impact on the world around us
The conclusions and effects of his water experiment are really amazing. Dr.
Emoto's experiment involves applying a variety of frequencies in the water, and then he freezes quickly and then takes pictures.
Crystal changes a lot-
Based entirely on the frequency applied to them.
For example: when the word "love" is applied to water, it creates beautiful images of symmetry and visual harmony;
However, the water applied by "hate" shows a strange and disturbing appearance, which is obviously discordant and unbalanced.
This is something that needs careful consideration.
How much water is there in the world?
How much water is your body?
What happens to your body and the world when you put love into it?
What happens when you put hatred in the body and in the world? Some of Dr.
Emoto's experiments even include putting blessings into water that has been contaminated with negative frequencies;
This water goes back to a more positive state and looks more like water that is only exposed to the positive frequency. In Dr.
In Emoto's experiment, the text applied to the water is a holographic waveform information field that vibrates to a specific frequency, and then, the water impacts and is absorbed by the water, water will accept the structure corresponding to the frequency associated with any word being used.
Another researcher, Luc montaniye, also showed something very interesting in his water experiment;
He had memories of the water.
One experiment is to put a flower into the water: first, shoot the water without the flower, then add the flower, and then take out the flower;
Then took the water down again.
It turns out that each individual drop retains the information corresponding to the flowers inside.
Whatever is added and removed from the water, it seems to be the same ---
The water "remembers" the things inside.
Luc Montagnier's experiments also included the transmission of frequencies from one water sample to another by digital means.
What they do is this: they put things like flowers into water samples.
After the water absorbs and mirrors the frequency of anything in it, the frequency is then recorded digitally on the computer's hard disk.
The frequency information is then sent as digital information to another computer a few miles away, and then, the frequency information is converted into sound and then applied to pure water that is not exposed to anything in the original water sample.
The most surprising thing happens when they do it: if the flower or anything that is being used is really inside, the water will actually restructure itself like it does.
This water has never touched flowers. -
Only the digital frequency information left by the flower.
This has a profound impact on many things, one of which is human health.
What if we could experience the benefits of a dangerous drug without any harmful side effects?
What if we could simply take in the matching frequency of the drug and spread that frequency to various parts of our body?
The water frequency study also shows that people interacting with water will affect the appearance of the sound water.
Any number of different people can collect water samples, just like fingerprints, and the water will retain the frequency corresponding to the person handling the water samples.
This is in complete agreement with the repeated proof of quantum physics: Observers always influence the results of any experiment.
This is because the energy field that constitutes a person will have an impact on the space and environment around us.
If you understand this, think about the power that we influence reality. . .
We walk around thinking we can't do anything?
Yes, because we have been manipulated by a ruthless control system that desperately tries to prevent us from realizing a basic simple truth of life: your thoughts affect material
Pineal GlandA computer virus is a kind of rogue information, pollution, distorted energy information field, which shows that the computer function is very poor and the behavior is very poor.
In our water, our food, our air, our vaccines and our drugs, the same areas of distorted information ---
This is the reason why human beings operate so badly and behave so badly;
We are systematically and ruthlessly filled with information about distortions, pollution and hooligans.
All these things undermine our stability and distort the work of our brains and bodies;
It's like we're under attack.
One of the most affected areas of the brain is a small thing called the pineal gland.
It's small, of course, but it's responsible for something huge.
It's kind of like the little WiFi adapter you have to install before some computers connect to the Internet.
The adapter is really small, but see how important it is.
Computers disconnected from the Internet are almost worthless, as are those disconnected from consciousness.
The Pineal gland is like our WiFi adapter;
This is the so-called "Eye of the heart" or "third eye", which connects us with reality on other levels, beyond the reality of holographic images ---
Some even call the pineal gland "the soul of the soul ".
That's how our brain should connect to consciousness, just like a WiFi adapter connects a computer to the Internet.
The Pineal gland, which looks like pine nuts, is part of the endocrine system and looks much like the ancient Egyptian description of the "eyes of Horus.
What must be asked: do they know the ancient pineal glands?
There's evidence that they have
Endocrine systems are critical to the way we interpret reality;
If you can influence the system, you can control the way people decode and perceive reality.
Children often have all kinds of "imaginary" friends, and clearly see all kinds of things that the rest of us can't see;
This is mainly from the endocrine system, especially the pineal gland.
This is part of the reason why we have fluoride in the water because it makes the pineal gland calcium and is of no use;
This has greatly influenced how we interpret reality.
The Pineal gland has vision rods and cones, just like the retina of the eye, because it is involved in the "vision" of another level ".
We think that the world is coming to us outside of us, but in fact, it is projected into its holographic form in our hearts;
The Pineal gland helps us to be aware of this and when you are aware of things at this level it changes almost everything ---
People with damaged Pineal glands that cannot be repaired will never be able to understand this.
Throughout the time, there is a universal belief that is part of every religious and spiritual teaching known in the world. . .
Now science has finally begun to accept it: everything is within you;
Everything you experience is determined by the world within you.
I believe that in the study of stars and planets, the greatest truth of the universe is not outside.
They are deep in our hearts, in the splendor of our hearts, minds, and souls.
Before we understand the inner, we cannot understand what is not. " -Anita Moorjani.
We can decode the reality, it can be beautiful, it can be war, pain and conflict;
Choice is our own, it is based on our own perception, we choose what they are.
Pineal glands have a very strong effect on the way we decode reality, as do every cell in our body.
The membrane of each cell in your body is liquid crystal;
The radio works by the vibration of the crystal, and so do we ---
For our body, through its crystal structure, is "tuning" into the reality of the metaphysical universe that has been around us;
Through this tuning process, the holographic illusion is created to allow us to experience it as a reality.
DNA is also a crystal receiver/transmitter for information;
The basic form of DNA is an antenna.
DNA is also the code of instruction from bacteria to humans;
It is a life software program that runs through our entire digital virtual holographic "reality.
"Human" is only a special experience in infinite consciousness;
"Man", "woman" or anyone else may be--
This is just your software program.
What the hell are you (
What makes your holographic body "alive"is EVERYTHING --
This is/used to be/can be--
Just temporarily experience the only focus we call men, women, names, races, nationalities, religions, titles, or other things we call ourselves.
All possibilities in the holographic universe, never unexpected, only possibilities and probabilities, which are folded into reality and out of reality through perception and observation.
This means that we live within all possibilities, but the individual possibilities that we actually experience are brought about by our perception;
That's why programming, dictating, and controlling our perception is so important to the control system and to the ruling elite.
We don't see anything--
The frequency of our being manipulated determines who we are and what we are going to be, which is why we have not been to real life;
We have always been actors, living a false life behind many levels of appearance, creating the illusion that we are manipulated to believe to be the "real" world!
Not though--it isn't real!
This is an illusion!
Wake and disconnect from the control system and its programs;
You will be surprised and surprised by what is outside of it.
It's like being stuck in traffic, not knowing why, and then suddenly rising from traffic to a place far enough, you can see the cause of the blockage.
When you wake up, you move from confusion to understanding. . .
Then you have something that you can use to understand the world. -
Instead of being lost, lost, confused and confused all the time.
When you are stuck with traffic jams and puzzles all the time, you may get more and more frustrated and frustrated. . .
Or not at all.
But if you can simply change your observation points, everything will become so clear and then you will "know" what you have to do to start again.
When you wake up, frustration and anger are gone because you are aware of the environment you are in and understand what you have to do about it.
When you start reaching out to reality from another level, people in your life will think you're crazy.
But it doesn't matter what they do: "Those who are seen dancing are considered crazy by those who can't hear the music. âx80x9d -
Fridrich Nietzsche
Can you hear the music?
There are many levels of consciousness, but we often only experience life from one level, and this frequency is limited by the five senses;
We all have the possibility that we have been doing the same thing, what are we doing?
In the past, present or future, we are all;
Why do we live a monotonous life of drudgery, pain and helplessness?
Why do we live like this?
So much more.
We are all possible. -we are All.
Think about all the possibilities.
What exactly does this mean?
If there is only one thing, it is not all the possibilities;
This is a possibility. -
We are all possible, not one.
Everything exists in all possibilities;
So if we identify and understand that we are all possible ---
We are everything. . . ALL things. We are the All-
Knowing that everything is coming out of the silent darkness
Our place or none
Place, where or not, everything is known and nothing is known. Nothing, no-thing;
Some things. thing --
Both exist equally, not within all possibilities. . .
This is no other way at all.
All possibilities are potential, waiting to manifest everywhere. . .
Because it must be--
Because "everything" and "nothing" must exist in order to become all possibilities.
You cannot "think" about it and solve it;
It's not about five people.
The sensory-controlled brain can "control its brain ".
It's just from a place that "knows ---the heart.
"The best and most beautiful thing in the world is invisible or even impossible to touch --
They must be felt with heart. " -Helen Keller.
This knowledge comes from places that the brain cannot access.
You can't do all the work with the same tool;
Some work is done by heart, not by heart.
There are things you just need to know by intuition, and these are all from the heart ---
The brain will always "think" and try to figure it out.
Let this poor guy take a break. the brain (Mind)
Is the wrong tool for this work.
You can learn everything there, read all the books in the library, and sit in front of every teacher you know in the world;
In silent meditation, you will never get the kind of knowledge you will encounter, into the dark silence of all possibilities, which is waiting ---
Wait gently--
To the reality of experience.
Nikola Tesla: "My brain is just a receiver, and there is a core in the universe from which we can gain knowledge, strength and inspiration.
I haven't gone deep into this core secret yet, but I know it exists.
"From this, to all possibilities, created by thought and imagination, becomes an illusion that what we experience is a real" real "reality, except for real or real
The holographic image is generated by dividing the laser into two beams;
One beam reflects from the object to the receiving plate, while the other beam directly hits the receiving plate.
When two beams collide, the interference pattern is realized and then captured as an image;
Holographic projection when another laser shoots to the image.
Like throwing some rocks into a pond, it can be seen that each rock will form its own waves in the water;
Each wave will be in contact with other waves caused by other rocks, and no matter where these waves collide, it is an interference mode.
This pattern contains all the information needed to determine the physical properties and aspects of all the rocks thrown into the water.
Waves and interference patterns contain a lot of information about them.
Some of the holographic pictures we already have look real. -
Some you can even touch.
Think about the holographic images you can hear, taste, and smell. . .
This is not hard to imagine.
This is how often the brain/body is decoding.
If you can perceive holographic images with one of the five senses, you can perceive them with all the senses.
Imagine what a very advanced digital virtual reality might look like: Have you ever seen the holographic deck in Star Trek?
What kind of technology is needed to create Star Trek-
The holographic deck of the entire planet?
If you experience it from the perspective of the planet created by the holographic deck, what would it look like?
Does it look like a "universe?
What if we look at the "projector" every time we look up at the sky?
What if this is the technique of creating a matrix from inside a matrix?
In all holographic diagrams, each part is a smaller version of the whole;
That's why in the water memory experiment, every drop of water retains the whole image of the flower or anything they use to carry out the experiment.
This is how we understand ourselves. -
In the hologram, the whole is in each part ---
So we have to be everything we used to be. . .
Because we're part of the holographic image.
Think about it: "You" is a small part of everything that once existed or was going to exist ---
The story of the whole existence of the universe and the whole reality is incomplete and does not include you!
Now that you are part of it, the whole thing is within you ---it must.
No matter how many pieces you cut a holographic image into, and no matter how small you make it, the whole holographic image exists in each piece.
Anaxagoras: "The seeds of all things are in other things.
"So this is how The Holographic Universe works ---
No matter how small, the whole is in every part.
This is why acupuncture and similar work, because the whole body exists in every part of the body.
This is how our entire universe works. -
When everyone understands this, think about what we can do. . .
We can change the world overnight. -and we will.
It is very strange to think with these terms, especially for those who have never met this type of information before, but consider this example: some people can see it by hand. What?
What does this have to do with anything? Well . . .
Although it sounds strange, there are documented and very real cases that show that it is ---
Apart from the eyes, people can really "look" with other parts of the body ".
Helen Keller: The heart has eyes and the brain knows nothing about it.
"If you talk to the blind, they are very comfortable with their situation and they will tell you that the eyes are definitely not the only part of the body that can be seen.
The reason why people "look" with their hands or other parts of the body is because the rest of the body has actual visual sensors, just like the eyes.
However, these other parts of the body can "see" things, certainly not as we see with our eyes.
This type of vision is more like "black smoke" or "black water" and sounds very similar to all of them
Light and Dark knowing all possibilities
The reason the rest of the body has a visual sensor is because the body is a holographic image.
Each part of the hologram is a smaller version of the whole hologram;
Therefore, the visual sensor must be in all parts of the body-
You don't need the eyes to "look" because: "The eyes are useless when the mind is blind. " -unknown. "Oh --I see!
"That's why the palm reader can say so much to a person, because the whole body is in the hands;
When you understand this, these things are no longer so mysterious.
The hand is a smaller version of the whole body, the body of the Earth, the earth of the Milky Way, the galaxy of the universe. . .
The universe of multiverse?
That makes sense, but what else is there?
We can change the world scientists tell us in quantum theory that the reality we experience only exists when it is observed, which is likely to be true, but we can only observe us and then decode the observation.
This means that the mind can control matter.
It turned out that the old saying "thoughts on things" was completely correct.
The evidence in this regard is so overwhelming that no one with the normal functioning of the brain can deny the profound meaning and amazing truth that this knowledge provides.
When the wave function is observed, it will collapse into the determined holographic reality;
When it is not observed, it is only the magnetic information of the waveform.
The unobserved wave function is all the possibility of waiting to be perceived and decoded into a possibility, "reality", which can then be observed and experienced.
Anyone can be manipulated if the process is affected and disturbed. . . and we are.
If something is not decoded into holographic three
What we call the dimensional form of reality, then our senses cannot feel it because they operate only on the holographic level.
Our senses cannot observe the waveform, and can only experience the holographic expression of the waveform that has been decoded ---
If you understand this, you can change the whole world.
Don Juan: "We are the perception, we are the perception;
We are not objects;
We don't have a solid foundation.
We are infinite.
We forget this, so we plunge our whole body into a vicious circle, which is rarely seen in our lives.
"We create the reality that we see;
If we can change our mind, we can change what we decode, which is why it is so important. -
We can change the world by having a functional and practical understanding of how "reality" actually works and our role in it.
The illusion of time and space?
These are the creations of the greatest fantasies in the mind.
Stars and planets billions, trillions of miles away;
It really takes forever to reach them.
But how is this possible?
The only place where stars, planets, and space between them exist is the visual part of the brain, in contrast, the visual part is obviously small.
How can such a big thing exist in such a small thing? It cannot --
Like everything else, this is the illusion that the brain makes. . .
Your brain is the only place where there is "space" and there is no such thing anywhere else.
How can the particles separated by billions of miles instantly communicate with each other?
Because "space" and "time", or "time and space", is an illusion;
There is only one energy field, so time and space cannot exist.
When you put the DVD into the player, the movie plays from start to finish by scene;
This is considered "time"-
But the whole thing is unique on a single disc. . .
The passage of time is an illusion.
When you look at the screen, especially the 3D screen, the illusion of space will also appear in front of your eyes, but this is only on the same disc, and all the time you think it's going through.
The disc section that actually contains information that you think all "spaces" are on an object that is slightly thicker than millimeters thick--
Space is an illusion.
There may be billions of miles of space in a disc, but it doesn't;
A disc provides the illusion of time and space, but there is no such thing.
When the movie is played, no matter where the laser is read, it is now ---NOW --
Everything in the past is the past, everything in the future is the future. . .
But it only exists on one disc.
It is the angle from which we observe it that makes it different;
You can't look at the past, you can't look at the future. -
This means that from the point of view of quantum physics, the past and the future cannot exist.
Now is everything that exists.
Nothing existed until it was observed. . .
No past, no future. -
Only infinite now.
The only time we can use is now.
You can do nothing in the past or in the future;
What can you do now?
So how will you spend your "time?
Regret of the past?
Fear of the future?
You can only change now.
So if you spend your mind in the past or in the future, you will never be able to do anything ---
You will be stuck in a "static" situation.
It is the left brain that arranges the information into a sequence that we can understand;
It seems to us that this is the passage of time, but it is relative.
If you put the clock into an airplane or spaceship and move at a very fast speed, it will beat and toc at a different speed than the clock on Earth.
"When you have a good time, time passes quickly," people say . ".
Yes, it will, it will delay forever when you are in a bad mood.
Time does not exist;
However, this is true of its perception, but it is not true ---
Time is not tangible.
We measure time by the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, divided into hours, minutes and seconds--
Then we ran around panting every day trying to keep up with it all.
We became slaves to time. -
But the ridiculous thing is: an invisible line in the ocean makes a difference between "yesterday" and "tomorrow!
There is an extra day every four years, and as daylight rolls forward and backward, we "lose" or "harvest" an hour each year.
In 1752, the UK switched from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar.
Everything has changed for one year and eleven days.
Therefore, George Washington's birthday lasted from February 11, 1731 to February 22, 1732.
It seems that "time" is what. . .
They say that no matter what time.
We can turn it into anything we want, but we are prisoners of it ---
Control through every second.
For thousands of years, with the recognition of time, we have been enslaved by this mentality, which is just another huge illusion of fat in the hologram.
Studies have shown that athletes sometimes have another relationship with time;
Somehow they are able to happen more slowly than the rest of us see things happen, which is why they can do things that seem impossible.
When people experience terrible or terrible things, such as a car accident, they usually describe the incident as "happening in slow motion ";
This is because time is relative, just like everything else. . .
This is an illusion. -
Based on the changes in your ideas and beliefs.
Some people, like da Vinci, seem to have entered the world "before their time;
In fact, he was here about 500 before his time, but that's not why he became such a genius.
Leonardo da Vinci is so brilliant because he can reach the level of consciousness beyond time and space;
That is why he is so advanced and ahead of his time.
I woke up and found that the rest of the world was still sleeping. âx80x9d -
Da Vinci.
It doesn't matter when you live;
You can get the intuition and wisdom that we all can get ---always.
This is done through the body chakra system, including the heart;
The heart connects us with areas that are far beyond the limits and scope of "time" and "space.
The Institute of heart mathematics has shown that the heart is sending out the most powerful magnetic field of the whole human body;
In fact, they have shown that the brain obeys the heart, not the other way around.
There is more information moving from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart;
The same way there are more nerves than others.
Our reality is entered through the mind and then transferred to the brain. . .
This is a way to look at it.
Some people think, think, think. . .
Continue to think, continue to think, continue to think--
That's all they will do.
Others will stop thinking;
Whatever it is, they will see their "feeling" and say, "I just know. . . in my heart.
The brain can only think, think, think-
But "know" happens in your heart.
"Knowledge" comes from intuitive knowledge gained through the mind, surpassing time and space;
It also goes beyond all flesh.
That's why sometimes we know things intuitively, but we don't know why. -
Sometimes our brains don't solve this problem.
Sometimes we just "know ".
Because the heart connects us with all of us.
Know everything--not the brain (Mind).
Fear, negativity, depression, anxiety and worry (Mind)
Features and services to prevent us from accessing all great forever.
This is not to say that the brain is not important,
Of course, this is important, and so is intuition, for now.
The heart/brain/gut is a system that must work together and align in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness.
If the system does not work in balance and harmony, you will have a life of confusion, confusion and frustration that will make you sick and tired most of the time.
When there is always a war between the heart and the brain, there is no happiness and happiness in people's lives. . .
When they do not know the role of intuition;
Intuition is your instinct.
Intuition works at the level of instinct, mind (brain)
Whether the mind and mind relate us to a higher level of consciousness.
In order to stop your inner war, you have to put everything in the right place.
Frustration or harmony? Hmm . . .
What should we choose?
The choice seems clear, but the structure of the world is trying to make this very difficult to understand.
The structure of this world is to put us in fear and anxiety;
But if you can find your heart and figure out how to follow it, you can change the world.
Bill Hicks: "We are going through a reality based on lies and fantasies.
Greed is our God in this world, wisdom is sin, division is the key, unity is fantasy, self is
It is the intelligence of the mind that is praised, not the intelligence of the mind.
Outside of holographic reality, it is a structure from waveform to number to holographic, which is why numbers are so important in this place where we are.
Sometimes people will see the same sequence of numbers or numbers that appear in front of them all the time.
One level of our reality is numbers, which is why numbers are so important.
This is because digital holographic photography requires the use of numbers.
The basis of what we call reality is expressed in computer language: 1 and 0.
How amazing is this?
The structure of our reality is binary and binary code;
How could it be something other than what the "digital holographic virtual reality" theory suggests?
If you want evidence that we live in a matrix, you can say this: the basis of our reality is computer code. . . moving on.
The Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature;
Everything is made up of Fibonacci sequences.
Waves, shells, human bodies, storms, plants, planets, solar systems, galaxies. . . it never ends --
The whole universe is based on the Fibonacci sequence, which is expected if it is a virtual reality simulation. . . which it is.
Mainstream science does begin to understand this;
They began to ask the question: Is the universe a computer simulation?
So far, it cannot be proved that it is not. . .
There was a lot of discussion about the topic.
Eventually, they might call it something else, but that would be the same understanding. . .
This understanding is as old as human beings themselves,
Now is the time for science to finally come to terms with reality.
Some experiments have shown that computers can create and control the biological world.
Virtual biological reality has been created, so there is evidence that it can be done.
What is an extremely advanced idea?
Blowing Technology to create. . .
See what we can already do.
Laws of physics?
No problem, just enter them in the program and click install: Please wait. . .
Laws of physical loading. . .
If we live in such a place, we will never be able to "see" it ---
People inside the matrix cannot "see" it unless they walk out of it.
If we really live in computer simulations, we will certainly never see the walls of the prison. . .
Unless we find a way out.
We are told that nothing is faster than the speed of light. . .
Because "light" is our prison.
The biggest obstacle to this reality is the speed of light, which is not the "fastest speed" of anything ";
This is the wall where we are manipulated to believe that the false reality is real.
We live in a closed place where we may never see the "wall" that makes us think we are our name, the fake identity of race, gender, religion and nationality.
Most people are told by the control system, but we are not at all.
The most important freedom is to be who you really are.
You play a role in reality.
You trade your feelings for an act.
You give up the ability to feel, and in exchange, you put on a mask.
Not big-
The scale revolution, until the individual revolution on the individual level.
It must happen in it first. âx80x9d -Jim Morrison.
We must stop living in the limits of lies and begin to live in the truth of infinite consciousness.
We are not people,
This is just an experience we have in the infinite possibilities. A near-
The experience of death: "Everything came together from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything at the same time.
I saw everything about me and everyone around me.
I saw everything they were thinking about now, what they thought at the time, what happened before, what happened now.
No time, no order of events, no limit, no distance, no time, no place.
I can go anywhere I want at the same time.
"The control system doesn't want us to think that way, though, and they are doing everything they can to stop us from realizing what we really are.
Socrates: "The only true wisdom is to know that you don't know anything.
"In the race to infinity, No.
A person is closer than anyone;
In the competition of infinite knowledge, no.
More than anyone else knows. -
Bringing together all the collective knowledge of the entire human history, is still "nothing" compared to all ".
Jordan Maxwell: "You know less than anything when you think you know everything.
"We have been manipulated to focus on the small aspects of our lives;
So, if there is one, we rarely go beyond ourselves to experience the whole thing.
Everyone has their own areas of interest and expertise, which is the result of any typical career;
This allows people to focus only on one of their small areas. -almost no-
Someone raised their heads from their small focus area (Know where you are)
See the full picture of what's actually happening around them and around the world.
There are many people who know one thing very well;
Few people know a lot about different things.
The wider your knowledge base, the stronger your perception and awareness of things;
The more conscious you are, the bigger picture you can see.
If you know all the details of a topic, but don't understand how the topic interacts with all the other topics, then you really don't know much about it.
You may know a lot, but it really doesn't know at all if it's just one thing.
It would be great if you became an expert in Star Wars movies and could tell every detail of the movie;
But if you never watch anything else, your understanding of the film will be very limited.
If you build your entire concept of a movie entirely on your limited knowledge of the Star Wars movie, you will be at a serious disadvantage in the movie trivia game.
You will be able to answer all the questions about your profession, but you basically don't know anything but it ---
You will lose the game as a result.
That's what we do in life, and that's why we're losing.
If we do not broaden our horizons, expand our awareness, raise our awareness, embrace a fuller awareness, we will continue to lose--forever.
By keeping yourself narrowly focused on an area of interest, by endlessly repeating the same silly activity, we have allowed infinite awareness to be reduced to a person who believes that he has no power but is not connected. . .
We kill, laugh, and despise those who can surpass it.
"Those who can transcend the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood by the public, let alone believed. " -Plato.
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