the 5 most terrifying sci-fi upgrades to deadly weapons - laser pointer measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-09
the 5 most terrifying sci-fi upgrades to deadly weapons  -  laser pointer measuring device
As long as human beings exist, we may need weapons. As long as we have them, we will find ways to upgrade them to new, awesome and terrible levels.
We do not necessarily approve the use or even manufacture of any of the following equipment;
We only feel it is our duty to remind you of their presence.
Because they're crazy.
5 Electric shock robot fistfist no matter how many weapons have been created and improved over time, the first and last weapons you can get are made up of your own golfers.
Moreover, they are difficult and relatively useless tools and may bring you more sadness than your opponent.
Of course, there are a wide variety of gloves and fools to protect delicate hands and/or to increase the ability to punch.
Hell, even there.
But sometimes it's not enough to be crazy.
What you need when you reach this point is.
Say hello to the most awesome and irresponsible self
All defensive weapons in history.
Its strangeness begins with its designer, David Brown. -
He is not a weapon maker but a music video editor, producer and photographer.
So it's not surprising that his invention contains a certain number of moves: It's basically an armored Batman glove that covers your entire arm.
Mr Brown gave the glove a high match.
Electric stun gun, the only reason is to allow you to powerpunch s**t.
In order to cooperate with this, he also threw a flashlight (
To get a better understanding of your electronicspunching)
And laser indicators (
To better target your electronicspunch), and a (
Because no one on earth will believe you.
Hit a guy unless you put it on YouTube right away).
The idea behind the bouncer is that in the midst of intense conflict, ordinary hand-held weapons can easily be discarded or taken away ---
And the only way to get the bouncer out of you is if you're really unarmed.
The idea behind the bouncer is even more awesome: The glove is because Costner has sponsored its development, to be honest ,?
Although the bodyguard is a relatively new product, it has gained certain benefits and reputation in law enforcement.
However, its original use was very different: it was invented. Oh yes.
When Brown learned that two cyclists had been bitten by a mountain lion, he thought of his lightning-fighting gloves.
We were impressed by a person who instinctively responded to such a story: "Technically, machetes are tools used to go through the jungle.
However, since it has been noticed that people are usually softer than the jungle, this huge knife has seen its share in the battle and developed a terrible reputation for quite large shredding
However, leave some distance between yourself and your opponent, and the battle value of the machete will be reduced to the battle value of the toilet paper umbrella.
This is actually a case of a gunfight with a knife: either you just throw around in pain with a knife or you try to attack the enemy.
Both situations may require more response from your opponent than long observations, sad shaking heads and AK bursts.
That's why you want to carry a machete with you.
This is Joge Swave, holding his giant.
Ass: And: Sprave is a slingshot enthusiast who is good at making bullet guns And shooting things the way they shouldn't be shot, according to our calculations, this made him about 1/3 in a small tragedy that took over supervillainy (
We assume that it is evil, because it is impossible for a hero to design a slingshot that can be in a direction).
More importantly, Sprave is not alone and his hobby is: who built a crossbow and shot the buzz saw blade from scratch for its hell. So yeah --
There seems to be a bunch of people out there building homemade devices that allow them to shoot you randomly sharp objects like video game owners.
If all of these people belong to the same club, there is hope that there will never be a fight at the meeting.
Or if that's the case, someone is shooting there.
On the issue of the controversial Taser gun, everyone can agree on one thing ---
It was terrible to get hit by one.
The Taser gun is carried by police around the world. Before a strong electric shock stops all your muscles from working, it will launch a pair of small darts and knock off the skin in an instant, end the battle before the battle starts.
So when Taser's people want to upgrade their signature products for military applications, the solution is almost "why not stick them together ? "?
"They say this because it's really the only choice.
It hits people in the waves.
Basically, it is a bank of six Taser guns that can be stacked together to form a solid wall of pain.
The representative of Taser said that if it looked like it had arrested a few rowdy drunks, it would have gone too far ---
You can hide something where you don't want the bad guys to be close so you can drop a whole team without killing them.
Oh, you can also install it on the front of the car in case you want to drive through the crowd, we want to, or tell some people who are too slow to cross the road.
Who are we kidding?
It takes about five seconds for some police officers to abuse this thing.
The company's demo video is not helpful to run on topic changes: when we discuss non-
Deadly but terrible weapon. . 2The Non-
As we mentioned just now, deadly bullets hit all senseso
A deadly weapon is a deadly weapon. 22.
No one likes the idea that children are scared/poisoned because they are caught stealing candy bars in the store.
But when these weapons are used as substitutes for actual bullets, they are very kind.
That's why non-market
Deadly weapons are exploding, why they are actually trying to find a way to make them safer. Because all
Lethal weapons now have their Achilles heel: plastic bullets may be, Taser guns may be dangerous, pepper spray is only when your target is too close and uncomfortable
Obviously, the answer is to combine all of this into one thing. It's a non-
A deadly bullet that not only sounds like a particularly harsh Indiana Jones partner, but also has nerves --
Match the destruction factor.
This small projectile can attack three of your five senses in one brain --Numbing attack
First of all, it hits you like a normal rubber bullet.
Then, it opens and emits compressed gas to you.
When you throw the sound at youblinding you. Seriously.
Only one boot is missing. on-a-
Shoot it out in spring and kick your nuts and they will most likely add it to 2. 0 version.
Said payload is a combination of compressed air and chemicals, custom designed to overwhelm the human senses in a way that completely keeps you away from combat.
In a small part of the moment, it will produce a dazzling flash to blind you, a huge noise that will disorient your hearing, and, of course, a mini
Explode the pressurized air of your body with the power of shock.
This creates a feeling that is different from shooting at the same time with bean bags and.
But what if you like people controlled by Super vertigo?
Where did the bullet come from, but prefer exotic ways of contributing to it than simple sensory attacks? Not to worry --
Good people at SmartRound are working on many other types of "f * k you" bullets, which may include "irritating spray", "expanded gel" or even "explosives ".
"Yes, there are bullets with irritating spray and expanded gel.
Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, and you can see it with just a riot.
1 little flying killer toy RobotsIt may not be strange to you, drone (UAVs)
Has been a military hotspot for years--
You may have seen them on the news every time one of them kills a terrorist and a dozen innocent bystanders. Even our state-of-the-
Art assassination techniques lack complex operability and are unable to reach out to the bad guys hiding in the puppy hospital without compromise.
The Army agrees that this will not happen, for future puppies --
The purpose of saving has developed: look at that thing!
In a short demo clip, the little four
The spinning guy flew through the small window.
Space of such size makes no sense, perched on the wall and hovering like anyone's business.
It's like a little Michael Bay Comic Relief transformers that doesn't speak in a quirky accent except that it's real.
What it does is both creepy and equally eye-catching: it can fly in formation, maneuver safely in narrow, enclosed spaces, and avoid each and every one while secretly approaching the bad guys. . .
Then, when all the grateful puppies gather around it, the autonomous quadcopter drone laughs at you for not having confidence in its ability to explode.
To prove its complexity and accuracy, there is a team here.
Oh, look at that.
The world is finally crazy. .
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