thanks for visiting cnnmoney. these companies are racing to develop a breathalyzer for pot personal finance - handheld distance measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-10-31
thanks for visiting cnnmoney.     these companies are racing to develop a breathalyzer for pot personal finance  -  handheld distance measuring devices
The problem is that there is no such mechanism.
There is no alcohol analyzer in the pan.
Urine and hair tests can detect whether a person has used marijuana or other drugs in the last few days or weeks, but they can't tell if a person has been stoned to death at any time.
Some startups are racing to change this.
Hound Labs and Cannabix Technologies are developing small handheld devices with tubes that people can blow in, just like roadside tests that detect drunk drivers.
Hound Labs announced on Tuesday that it had raised $8.
Benchmark 1 million, a venture capital firm that funded Uber and Tinder, and started clinical trials with the University of California, San Francisco.
This dog hunting device is designed to detect marijuana and alcohol in human breathing. Dr.
CEO Michael Lynn says his company plans to sell it by the end of this year.
"We are testing so many people now and we are very confident," he told CNNMoney . ".
He said his company's equipment would cost $600 to $800 and would be sold to the police department ---
And employers.
In eight states where entertainment pots are legal, companies may not care if their workers smoke marijuana the night before, but will certainly care if they throw stones while driving or taking school buses.
The device uses chemicals to extract THC molecules in breathing, which can be detected for about two hours, ER doctor Lynn said.
Canada is legalizing recreational marijuana next year, and Cannabix Technologies is working on a similar device to detect THC molecules.
Kal Malhi, president of the company, hopes to start selling for $1,000 to $1,500 in about a year and a half.
The test started in 3 years.
"We know it works . "
Bruce Goldberger, the company's forensic drug scientist and scientific adviser.
Unlike the alcohol analyzer, the alcohol analyzer estimates the alcohol content in the blood to determine the degree of drunkenness, both of which simply give "yes" or "no" when THC is present ".
Vermont's governor has refused to legalize recreational marijuana. The police do not have such roadside drug testing tools.
Police in other countries sometimes use saliva swabs that can detect drugs, but in the United States, they have not been found, Goldberger said.
Bob Griffiths, a retired official and director of police standards and training at Alaska's public security department, said saliva testing techniques were "not proven to be reliable.
"That's why it's never been adopted in Alaska, where recreational marijuana sales became legal in October.
Related: Weed is legal in Sin City, but you will never see it on Vegas Boulevard. The Alaska Police are currently carrying out what he calls a "fairly junior" field "cannabis alcohol analyzer", according to Griffith.
"However, it still requires testing by the police and approval by the court as evidence.
The technology is important because it can detect drug damage without drunk drivers, he said.
"I have arrested a zero-year-old man --
"There is no alcohol, but they can hardly stand up," he said . ".
"I would say that recreational marijuana has always been an obstacle for Alaska drivers, legal or not.
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