student block gets green light to accommodate summer residents despite fears of noise and 'fighting' - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-24
student block gets green light to accommodate summer residents despite fears of noise and \'fighting\'  -  green light laser level
Short-term activities will be allowed in student accommodation areas
Despite residents' concerns about noise and anti-social behaviour, long term tenants throughout the summer.
Neighbors warn that changing the rental rules for an apartment could make it a "hotel" for a student full of anti-corruption sentiments"
Social behavior.
Cambridge City Council planning committee has now approved the owner's rental room for the Brunswick House, part of the 251 student apartment, 87 New Market Road
Term used in summer.
A resident pleaded with the Commission to stop the move.
He said at a committee meeting on Wednesday: "I ask you to resolutely reject this application.
"Many residents live in insecurity.
This will have a great impact.
There have been many fights and incidents with the police.
"A council official confirmed that an anti-social incident occurred in the summoned neighborhood.
However, they confirmed that there have been no such reports since then
Security personnel on site have been stationed on site.
Senator George Pippas said: "I do sympathize with the neighbors about the noise, the fight and the police.
My main concern is that the students have a loud voice.
They are never quiet.
If you run this place like a hotel, I am afraid it will be very bad for those people in the summer.
Cllr Lucy Nethsingha says they understand concerns about noise, but it is important to say that it is important to keep students in a shorter period of time
Long term rentals during the summer period, as there are very few other places to afford short term rentals
Semester students or staff visiting the university stay in the city.
"One of the issues I am concerned about is the cost of student accommodation in this very expensive city," she said . ".
"I think we all have serious concerns about the affordability of housing, as do students.
When they are under financial pressure, the short term leases here will provide them with a lot of savings.
"The conditions under which the application is approved are to develop a student management plan to ensure that the noise is kept to a minimum and that anti-social behaviour is properly dealt.
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