short distance measurement sensor Right gear can prevent wrong step

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short distance measurement sensor Right gear can prevent wrong step
The false spring is over.A Pacific storm is expected to hit California on Thursday night, with more than 24 inch of snow in the middle of the Sierra mountains reaching 18 to 7,000 feet.There's more on the road.This will refresh the conditions of snowBased on entertainment.For those who are hiking in the winter, the virgin snow surface can even make the most popular site feel like you are the first person in the history of the world to walk there.Depending on the snow surface, you can use jacatra, Ice Claws or snow shoes, and most people use ski poles at the same time.Tajo, Yosemite and Shasta all have amazing attractions where people can hike in the summer and hike in the winter.The best hotels in Tahoe include D.L.Bulis State Park, mikes Creek Trail, Castle Peak and Echo Lake;At Yosemite National Park, here are Cape Dewey and Lake Mirror.In the Shasta area, try the greenbart Ridge, Castle Lake, and intermediate waterfalls on the McCloud River.The correct gear key is to match the traction device you wear on your hiking boots with the snow surface conditions.The most common mistake made in rental shops and mountains is to match your size and weight to the size of snowshoes, such as snowboards.Nope.For most cases-A snow-covered track that often melts during the day and freezes at night --Yaktrax or light ice claw works best.Yaktrax is a light wire coil tied to the bottom of hiking boots.Crampons is a metal spike set in a frame and also tied to the bottom of the boot.For horizontal walking on hard ice, jacatras is great, especially when using ski poles.If you climb up, change the claws.If you are walking on fresh snow, especially when burning the route, use snow shoes;The softer the snow, the more snow shoes you need.This makes it impossible for you to postholing.When we trek aroundLast week, we used jacatras and ski poles on the ice from a snow pile to the middle waterfall on the McCloud River.When I climbed the denglewell glacier in the wilderness of Yosemite, I used the claw.When I found traces on fresh powder from Badger Pass to Dewey point, I was worried --Weight of snow shoesFor the castle peak of the tower on Interstate 80 near Donner Pass, you can use these three to ensure that the conditions of 3 miles and 1,900 are metfoot climb.The reward is great.The place where you often hike in summer may be yours in winter.Many of the best trips are only a few miles, but you are still in heaven in the end.You can see the beautiful scenery on the ridge, see the waterfall in the Snow Canyon, breathe the body feeling of the crystal --clean air —And escape entrance away from the crowd.Even with fake Spring, reports of snow sensors from all over the country this week are encouraging.Reports from 19 out of 24 basins showed that they were above 100% of normal levels this week.The Pit River basin is 166% of normal, Scott (147%) Tricity (144), Stanislaus (133), Tuolumne (132), American (130), etc.The one below-The average area of the area is the southern Sierra, but Thursday's storm is expected to bring the area of several basins close to 100% square meters.For example, the King River basin is 98% kilometers and Kaweah is 93 kilometers.Of course, the snow bag measures the amount of compressed snow, not the total amount of snow.Cumulative can snowfall more than 300 inch snow is less than 120 inch.At 7: 35 in the morning, you can hear the outdoor report of Tom Stienstra.m., 9:35 a.m.and 12:35 p.m.Saturday at KCBS (740 and 106 ).9).E-Email: tstienstra @ sfronicle.Travel to Xuefeng: 3.5-1,900 mile trek-Foot climbing leads to 9,103Foot green hills.The last Cliff is often Trailer head located at 7,195 feet north of Interstate 80 (opposite Boreal, same exit ).National forest of Lake Tahoe, (530) 587-3558, Creek Trail: 1 flat from 6,230 feet.4 miles, then the riseto source of Meeks Creek, and then to the iceLake Crag covered (4.2 miles one way ).Location/information: Trailer head located on the west side of Highway 89 near mikes Bay, Lake Tahoe;Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (530) 543-2600, Bliss overlooking Lake Tahoe: the closed gate of D.L.Bliss State Park, 2 miles on foot, overlooks Lake Tahoe.Location/information: Trailer head on Highway 89 near Emerald Bay;D.L.Happiness, (530) 525-3345, Lake: from the snowPark, trek to the resort at the foot of Echo Lake (closed in winter) and then venture in the snowThe Pacific Ridge Trail buried above the lake can see the crest peak (9,235 feet ).Location/information: Echo Lake near United StatesS.50 at the Echo Summit;National Forest, (530) 644-2349,'s point of view: 3.5 miles one way, slightly down to 7,200-Located in the south rim of Yosemite Valley, Dewey Point, directly opposite elcapitan, overlooking the rock of the cathedral, east to the semi-dome and miles of wildernessLocation/information: Badger Pass;Yosemite National Park, (209) 372-0200, Lake: from the awesome semi-dome wall to the frozen Tenaya Creek, relax a mile on the ice.Location: Yosemite Valley;Information: Yosemite National Park, (209) 372-0200, falls: 1.5-mile near-On a level of ice and snow walk to the beautiful middle waterfall on McCloud River.Location/information: outside Highway 89 south of McCloud;McCloud Ranger District (530) 964-2184, Lake: Trek to ice from Castle Lake Road-At Castle Lake (good ice fishing), 5,450 feet M, there is an ambitious option to extend the slope on the left to the view of the ridge and the Sand Hills.Location/information: from Lake siskius to Castle Lake Road;Shasta Hills forest area (530) 926-4511, batling: set off from rabbit apartment 6,900 feet, ambitious 2,200-Hike to 9,193-The green foot of the mountain and the ridge of Mount Shasta;Then slide, board or slide down.Location/information: Rabbit apartment on Everitt Memorial Road, Mount Ranger District (530) 926-4511, snowpacks1.Mount Larsen (Feather River), sensor at 8,250 feet, 143 inches2.Mount Shastar (Sacramento River), 7,900 feet, 120 inches3.Paradise Meadow (Tuolumne), 7,650 feet, 109 inches4.Meadow Lake (Yuba), 7,200 feet, 109 inches5.Gianelli Meadow (Stanislaus), 8,400 feet, 107 inches6.New Grace Meadows (tuolum), 8,900 feet, 104 inches7.Lake Wilma (tuolum), 8,000 feet, 104 inches8.Lake Wheeler (Mokelumne), 7,800,104 inches9.Highland Meadows (Mokelumne), 8,700 feet, 104.Stanis sound (Stanislaus), 7,750 feet mm, 104mm inchesNote: sensors measure compressed snow, do not total snow, provide water resources in California from snow sensors (before the arrival of the new storm.Prepare your own conditions: (800) 427-7623, Get detailed weather briefing including local avalanche condition plan: tell someone when and where you will stay warm, dry: Put on synthetic materials, layers of wool and GoreTex case protection: apply sunscreen, wear polarized sunglasses, highQuality snow gloves, skullcap and ski cap: please drink plenty of water: Do not walk on the trail that crossescountry skiing—
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