sensors buy time in event vancouver island is hit by tsunami - position sensors

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
sensors buy time in event vancouver island is hit by tsunami  -  position sensors
Communities most vulnerable to the tsunami in Vancouver Island, such as Ucluelet, Tofino, and Port Alberni, due to the ocean screen, should receive important warnings that the waves are approaching
Floor sensors developed by the University of Victoria.
UVic's Marine Network in Canada has established a network of motion sensors on the bottom of the sea around the island, including the push belt on the west coast, the delivery area of earthquakes and tsunamis.
"We have an underwater sensor network there, a collection of motion sensors and position sensors that monitor geographic locations
Richard Dewey, a Canadian physicist, said in a telephone interview.
"They are always ready to find any signs of shaking or moving that will give us a warning.
"These warnings may provide West Coast residents with a critical 20-minute time to reach the Highlands.
The system will allow longer warnings to the communities of the Salehi sea, the Lower Mainland or East Coast of the island, and any tsunami must spread around the land and move further from the push belt.
The push belt, located about 100 kilometers on the west coast, is the route that the Juan de Fuka tectonic plate moves below the North American plate as various plates on the Earth's surface move.
If the Hu andfuka plate suddenly moved, the result would be an earthquake.
At the same time, movement can push up the height of the sea floor.
Any movement on the bottom of the sea can move a lot of water and cause a tsunami.
This month, the federal government paid $7 to Ocean Network Canada.
2 million scientific funding.
The money is part of the government's $1.
The 5 billion sea ocean protection plan announced in 2016 aims to establish a recognized marine safety system to protect the marine environment while allowing economic activities.
In addition to sensors at the bottom of the sea, another element of Canadian Ocean Network research is the special Radar Station --
In Tofino, Prince Rupert and the Campbell River
Instruments for monitoring marine surface movement
This work is invaluable for search. and-
A rescue operation trying to determine where a boat without power or a person who was rushed into the water might be drifting.
Ocean Network Canada will also use the money to fund the operation of its 20 underwater telephones that track ocean noise levels around the clock.
Kate Moran, chairman of the Canadian Ocean Network, said computer researchers have even developed ways to pick out the sounds of individual whales from all ocean noise.
For researchers studying marine mammals, the presence and movement of animals can be tracked and monitored.
The federal government is very interested in the data because it has promised to protect marine mammals such as killer whales.
Water listen and Ocean
The Port of Vancouver is also using noise to monitor the sound of ships and other vessels, Moran said.
It is believed that if ports and shipping companies can reduce the ocean
She said it would be another step in better protecting the marine environment.
Moran said that recent federal funding awards will be used to get additional financial support from other agencies, businesses and agencies, such as noise from the Port of Vancouver --
Reduce efforts.
"Everything you put into the sea is expensive," she said . "
"So it's important that we work together. use.
"So in the end, we can serve the entire user family, and they all buy the data we produce for different reasons.
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