rafael signs czech arms deal - laser range meter

by:UMeasure     2019-10-02
rafael signs czech arms deal  -  laser range meter
Israeli arms development authority Rafael has won a tender for the Czech army to equip its armored vehicles with an advanced combat system worth $0. 12 billion.
The Czech army recently purchased armored vehicles from the Austrian manufacturer Steyr and intends to equip them with Rafael's system.
Sources at the Israeli company say the deal is one of the biggest.
The scale and most complex agreement signed in the Czech Republic.
Within the framework of the contract, Rafael will provide the Czech army with Spike LR anti-tank missiles, Spike launchers, remote-
Weapons Control Station and advanced add-on
Armor of the vehicle.
Remote control of Raphael
The control weapons station allows the gunman to target the weapon and shoot without exposing the risk.
Including laser range machines and GPS-based true-
Orientation North finder to ensure higher accuracy.
About 1,000 such weapons stations have been sold by IDF, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries.
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