pokémon go: the one serious problem everyone should worry about - position sensors

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
pokémon go: the one serious problem everyone should worry about  -  position sensors
Unless you 've been living under Snorlax, you may have heard of the popular new augmented reality game Pokémon Go.
The game uses the smartphone's camera, GPS, and location sensors to tell the game what it shows and where it is, create the illusion of a cute little cartoon "pocket monster" standing in your living room, on the sidewalk outside or in a nearby park.
Get free Pokémon (
Naturally, catch these creatures)
Historical places of interest in the local area.
Merchants can buy Pokémon "bait" as an advertisement to attract imaginary monsters and Real fans to their physical positions.
This is a digital world that covers the real world and is very popular.
It is rapidly becoming the most successful mobile app ever, installing it on 6% of Android devices in the USS.
And it is likely to exceed Twitter's daily number of active users.
But the way mobile apps work requires data
A lot more-
There is a problem with what the app collects and what the company is doing with it.
When you log in, the message that the game needs full access to your Google account begins to infiltrate.
Full access to allow applications-
And the company-
According to Google's "My account privacy control", to "view and modify almost all information in Google's account ".
It doesn't have access to the password or payment information, but it can read your email, see what you 've been searching for, and so on.
The company Niantic said the request was an error and it was reported that the company changed the access requirements in the game update.
But the question remains: why do so many users give a 10-year-
All the information Google knows about them?
This is just one example of a systemic problem: it's too easy for us to leak data.
Especially in the app, we download something for free and want to start using it quickly, people never read the lengthy terms of service agreement that they happily agree, and do not understand the full scope of the information they voluntarily provide.
For example, Pokémon Go uses the location of your phone, the IP address, and the web page you recently visited before playing, all related to your real name and account information, according to the privacy policy of the game.
It uses Google Maps and your real map
GPS positioning of the world, guide you to Pokémon, you can catch up.
But this information could be abused.
There are already stories circulating about criminals who rob Pokémon players, as well as a man who claims to be dumped after his girlfriend finds him cheating by checking his game history --
These people are just using the nature of the game, not stealing anyone's data.
Music service Spotify ran into trouble last year with an over-inflated data strategy that wanted access to users' photos, contact lists, and media files.
The company clarified shortly after the user had to choose
These features, but damage.
Windows 10 also comes with a big brother by default-esque so-
Known as the "privacy" policy, grant Microsoft the right to read your email, "other private communications or files in the private folder," use your bandwidth for their own purposes and analyzeUsers can opt-
How many of these Orwell-style monitoring plans will bother with this?
The issues I see Take the recent anger at the Pokémon Go app as an example --
Other people like-
First, the company is on a piece of land.
When the data becomes valuable, grab as much data as possible about their customers to respond to current and potential future usage scenarios.
Mostare on the road of forcing savvy users to choose
Quit from this data collection instead of allowing them to choose
This information is required for As program functions.
Second, perhaps more importantly, every time a user clicks on the "accept" button on a new app or program, they know nothing about the privacy they give up.
In general, we don't educate ourselves or even care about the information we provide.
There was no protest of any kind until some interested computer scientists, journalists or hackers discovered the unpleasant truth.
We need to be more educated and more cautious about our privacy, unless before the company becomes more general --
Feel them when policies and best practices involve them collecting our data and how they use it.
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