painted white lines are not cyclist-protecting forcefields, agree experts - distance measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-22
painted white lines are not cyclist-protecting forcefields, agree experts  -  distance measuring device
Thermoplastic road paint cannot replace the physical separation of cyclists and drivers.
This is the conclusion of a new study in Australia that measures the distance of cyclists riding on a striped bike track.
However, experts say it depends on where the paint is applied.
For example, while there are thousands of kilometers of roadside in the Netherlands --
Independent infrastructure, bicycles
Friendly countries also have a lot of color bike paths.
Also, when Dutch drivers see the triangles drawn on the road, they are programmed to park for cyclists-these "shark teeth" marks are usually used for bikers, with "sharp" teeth pointing to road users who need to give up priority.
"If culture is inconsistent with the goal of protecting vulnerable road users, paint will not be a safe, effective, sustainable solution and a more sustainable security infrastructure, ian Walker, a British psychologist, believes.
"If culture 100% focuses on protecting vulnerable groups, then the weaker infrastructure may be acceptable-and the Netherlands may be very close to that," Walker added . ".
New Australian research quotes Walker's famousin-transport-
2007 studies found that bare
British drivers provide the greatest distance for women riding bicycles.
The study used a bicycle ride by a walker and was equipped with a camera and a distance measuring device.
Walker recorded 2,500 drivers passing through his data on the road near his workplace, the University of Bath.
He spends half of his time wearing a bike helmet, not half of his time wearing a bike helmet.
It turns out that when he wears a helmet, the driver tends to be closer to him.
This "pass of punishment" can also lead to collisions, collisions, resulting in injury and death, rather than those who are guilty of dangerous takeover.
The new study was also used
Bicycle cameras and distance recording equipment-evaluate the effectiveness of painted bike lanes and find that they want.
The study found that the painted bike lanes significantly reduced the distance between drivers and cyclists.
The author suggests that this is because cyclists do not feel the need to give them space when they are considered to have their own lanes.
The study, published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, compares the experiences of cyclists on roads with or without painted bike lanes.
The survey found that on bike lanes and roads without parked cars, drivers averaged nearly 27 cm more than cyclists.
On a road parked by a painted bike lane, they walked another 40 cm.
The study in Melbourne recruited 60 cyclists equipped with "MetreBox" measuring devices.
More than 18,500 passes from 422 trips were recorded.
More than 6% more than 1 m.
In fact, "almost missed.
"Our results show that a white paint is not enough to protect cyclists," said the news statement by lead author Dr.
Ben Baker, deputy director of emergency and trauma studies at Monash University.
According to this article, Roger Geffen, head of British bicycle policy, tends to agree: nearly 6% people
Mistakes recorded in the Melbourne study may sound low to some, but if one in every 17 overclocking is likely to be fatal to cyclists, this is for those who want to encourage riding
"If someone thinks 1 out of 17 is not that bad, I would invite them to think very well about the consequences involved:" Walker added: Why is there so much in the neighborhoodmisses?
There may be a small number of malicious drivers who are eager to issue a "penalty pass", but it also comes down to the driver's inattention.
In a separate AmericaS.
Research-use in this time-
Car camera-8% of drivers are found to be distracted when they are more than cyclists.
"From the point of view of bicyclist, translated [being passed]
Every 13 times a distracted driver exceeds them, "says lead author Fred Feng, a professor at the University of Michigan.
On 2016, West Midlands Police launched a closed passage operation aimed at "closed passage" drivers endangering cyclists.
"The road rules stipulate that drivers should give cyclists at least the same space as vehicles when overtaking," said a statement from the unit . ".
"The distance from anyone invading safe passage-it is generally believed that there is at least 1.
5 m-it is possible to be prosecuted for driving without the due attention and care.
"This operation has resulted in a 20% reduction in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on roads in the county, with police forces in other parts of the United StatesK.
Launch the version of their initiative.
Article 163 of the British code of shighway stipulates that "for cyclists, cyclists and riders have at least as much space as when you overtake ", and illustrate this suggestion by leaving a photo of the full width of the car when the driver is overtaking.
Many other countries have similar "adopted" laws and guidelines, although they are rarely implemented.
Last year, Spanish carmaker SEAT released promotional materials for the new SUV, promoting the correct distance that drivers should leave when overtaking.
The company released a press release for the 2019 edition of itsTarraco SUV, which included photos and videos of engineers esteban Alcantara passing through full access to the opposite lane for more than two cyclists
"To get right beyond the cyclists: reduce speed and keep a safe distance," the press release said . ".
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