o'grady's volpi capital backs dutch mapping firm's us growth plans after €60m buyout - laser measurement system

by:UMeasure     2019-09-27
o\'grady\'s volpi capital backs dutch mapping firm\'s us growth plans after €60m buyout  -  laser measurement system
Crevan O'Grady' s London, private equity investor-
Dutch-based Volpi Capital acquired a majority of its stake in the management acquisition of Dutch geospatial mapping, image and data analytics company CycloMedia, which is considered to be worth about 60
The local tyrant raised 185 euros in Volpi. which he co-
Founded by Italian investor Marco Sodi
Earlier this year, businesses that invested in selling to other businesses used technology, analytics and data to help them become more efficient.
Last year, they invested 90 euros in the Irish IT service company version 1, before they supported Medinet, a healthcare company, and Digital Barriers, a security monitoring technology company.
While O'Grady focuses primarily on investments in the European continent and Scandinavia, he is also believed to regularly regulate further potential investments in Ireland.
Volpi usually invests 25 to 75 euros in businesses with a value of between 50 and 200 euros, both O'Grady and Sodi have long-term records
Invest in their respective previous roles. At Version 1 -
Founded by IT veteran Justin Keating and John Mullen, current chief executive Tom O'Connor
Volpi aims to double the size of the company, earn € 200 and add about 300 new employees.
O'Grady's company now plans to add value to CycloMedia through continuous international expansion and will support management through the purchase and construction strategy [1]
Acquisition and organic growth
It said in a statement.
"So far, our average fare in four transactions is about 60 euros, and the investment in CycloMedia is consistent with this, perfect match with our investment theory that supports companies to use technology to improve productivity and efficiency --to-
Business value chain, "said O'Grady.
"We will support management to drive the transformative growth of CycloMedia through further globalization, with a special focus on the United States.
"The Dutch company, which employs more than 140 employees an hour from Rotterdam, earned € 30 last year, has developed proprietary technology that offers advanced camera and processing technology.
Its technology also uses artificial intelligence, which is currently used in government, public security and security markets, as well as in construction, infrastructure management and insurance.
It allows users to remotely evaluate, analyze and measure physical infrastructure, including buildings, roads and other assets, on any device.
The company has developed its own advanced fivelens, high-
Panoramic camera and high resolution
Precision LIDAR laser measurement system, no different from Google Street View map car and autopilot systemdriving cars.
City planners in New York, Washington, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are among the users of the technology.
It is believed that the technical elements of CycloMedia may also be very suitable for some of the work done by Digital Barriers, another investment company in Volpi.
O'Grady, a chartered accountant with more than 20 years of business experience in the US, Europe and the UK, has worked as Head of Technology, Media and Telecom in the prestigious London
3i, a listed private equity company.
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