no-scanning 3d measurement method using ultrafast dimensional conversion with a chirped optical frequency comb - high accuracy laser distance measurement

by:UMeasure     2019-10-05
no-scanning 3d measurement method using ultrafast dimensional conversion with a chirped optical frequency comb  -  high accuracy laser distance measurement
High at the same time-Precision, wide
Distance and super fast timeresolution one-
A 3D shape measurement method based on lens is proposed.
The time from the simultaneous flight of multiple locations to the target encoded in the chirped optical frequency comb can be obtained from the spectral interference measurement.
Our experiment proved one.
Image profile measurement of known step height of 480m with m-shootinglevel accuracy.
We further demonstrate the expansion of the dynamic range by measuring the height of the large steps of 3 µm at a time while maintaining high accuracy using precise pulsesto-
Pulse separation of optical frequency comb.
The proposed method has a large dynamic range and measurement versatility and can be applied to a wide range of applications, including micro-structures, objects of large size or aspect ratio, and ultra-fast time.
Resolution Imaging
This study provides a powerful and versatile tool for 3D measurement, which can customize various measurement performance according to the requirements.
3D measurement technology has a wide range of applications in industrial measurement, sensing, robotics and biomedical imaging.
A variety of imaging methods have been developed, including laser pattern sampling, lidar, multi-
Baseline stereo and optical coherence tomography.
Among them, distance imaging method based on multi-sensor
Point ranges are attractive because they can provide direct results without the need for complex analysis or model assumptions. The non-
The scanning method is particularly attractive because it can be applied to fast sensing and monitoring of moving targets and capture super fast phenomena.
However, the existing method is
3D measurement of lens with high precision and large measurement range.
Before, we put forward a new principle.
Shot 3D measurement method based on time, frequency and spatial axis information for ultra-fast size conversion to capture dynamic 3D shapes.
The use of highly linear ultra-continuous waves generated by the amplified Ti: AlO laser and the femtosecond optical Kerr shutter to produce real color proves this method
Encode 3D images in a single pulse shot.
In several subsequent studies, this principle was applied to different fields.
However, previous research is facing some technical challenges.
I. Longitudinal dynamic range of measurement, I. e.
Capacity to achieve high resolution and wide scope is limited due to trade
Between the degree of linear FM and the spectral and temporal resolution.
Second, super fast timeof-
Flight measurements usually require overlap between the reference pulse and the probe pulse by mechanical delayed scanning.
In addition, due to the limitation of laser technology at the time, the light source is too bulky and unstable, and the image quality is poor due to the generation of a large number of non-continuum
These greatly limit the accuracy and practicality of the method.
Recent optical frequency comb (OFCs)
The frequency measurement has been completely changed and a tool is provided to accurately control sound waves with extreme accuracy.
This technology is useful in a variety of applications, including distance measurement with extremely high accuracy and dynamic range. Further, fibre-
OFC technology provides mature solutions for various practical applications.
In addition to precision metering, however, its potential has not yet been fully explored.
In this study, we propose a new
Shooting 3D measurements using the fast-growing OFC technology.
This study will allow OFCs to be used in areas other than precision metering.
Based on our previous chirp-
Principle of pulse imagingto-
Pulse interference measurement using OFCs significantly expanded based on highPrecision pulseto-
Pulse separation may break the basic trade
Turn off in measurement to achieve extreme dynamic range including with m-
Order the distance without losing high precision.
In addition, the spectral interference measurement provides a linear time
A practical method for low level detection of linear frequency modulation information
Power lasers such as fiber lasers.
Make full use of the latest technological advances in OFCs, high precision, dynamic
Distance, super fast time-
3D measurement technology can achieve both resolution and control.
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