nfl investigating laser incident at bills-lions game - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-24
nfl investigating laser incident at bills-lions game  -  green light laser level
New York is expecting the NFL to take a closer look at the video footage as it tries to identify individuals who allegedly pulled Buffalo Bill players at Ford Stadium on Sunday. 17 in Buffalo-
Bill quarterback Kyle Orton and Presek Dan Carpenter beat the Detroit Lions, saying a troubled Lion fan targeted them with a laser and also
Carpenter missed 50-
After the game, Bill head coach Doug Malone said he scored in the third quarter yard, partly because he was distracted by a laser "falling on the carpet.
Syracuse post
Standard reports say bill fans later discovered a guilty tweet sent by a lion fan in the game using the Twitter handle @ markoBeslach: "You'll see the green light for any bill player.
Laugh, because it's me.
"Kyle Orton complained to the referee when I found the referee with a laser.
"In the case of fans distracting or otherwise influencing the game, according to the NFL program (
Like blowing a whistle)
, The game officer informed an NFL security representative designated to participate in the game, who then reminded stadium security personnel who were trying to eliminate the issue.
On Sunday night, the lion issued a statement saying that Ford Field's security department could not "identify anyone using lasers" during the game, but they have contacted the NFL security department on this issue.
Laser is banned at NFL stadium.
According to the procedure, the security representative of the game also submitted a report to the league.
NFL spokesman Michael Sinola said in a statement: "We are investigating the matter and if the responsible person is identified, this information will be shared with the appropriate law enforcement officers.
"Game videos may be used for this kind of investigation in this case.
Marrone said on Sunday that Carpenter was "excited" about laser interference and said it helped inspire him to make his own game --winning 58-
There are four seconds left to target the venue.
Orton said he was "baked very early.
"You know, I felt it a few times after I got the ball, so we communicated with the referee and with Coach Marrone to get him to handle it. ”john. kryk@sunmedia.
Ca @ JohnKrykblogs. canoe.
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