new cars are quickly getting self-driving safety features - laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-02-29
new cars are quickly getting self-driving safety features  -  laser sensor
Self-driving cars make headlines, but automakers are gradually adding advanced electronic safety features to humans
When they go to a self-World, drive a car
Driving a vehicle.
Automotive and technology companies are rolling out laser sensors, artificial intelligence, large screens showing more roads, cameras that can read speed limit signs, and systems that slow down cars before corners and building areas.
Many new features are the re-installation of cameras and radar on cars for automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection and other safety devices.
The companies are also keeping a close eye on drivers to make sure they do.
On Monday, the Arizona governor suspended Uber's proprietary business.
Last week, a self-driving car killed a pedestrian and gained the privilege of driving a vehicle test.
But auto engineers and industry analysts still say the road will become safer as more cars have autonomous driving capabilities, whether assisted or alternative driving.
The government says 94% of the accidents were caused by human error. The cutting-
Edge equipment is usually ranked first in more expensive vehicles, but will enter mainstream vehicles as costs go down.
Here are five new security devices that appear on the vehicle: Stay focused: a company called NVIDIA is using artificial intelligence and cameras to sense where the driver is and focus the sensor on any other
Danny Shapiro said that if pedestrians or other vehicles appear where the driver does not look, the system will intervene, either warning or stopping the car from driving, senior director of automotive business at Santa Clara, California.
"Before we achieve full automation, if the driver is still in control and responsibility, we want to know when the alarm should be provided and when it should not be provided," Shapiro said . ".
NVIDIA has signed a contract with Volkswagen to deploy the system in the next two years.
Other automakers may follow suit.
Look back: when the driver activates the turn signal, 8-
The inch screen behind the modern new Nexo hydrogen fuel cell car steering wheel shows everything on the side of the car and what's behind it.
The system uses the existing camera so that the driver can see it without turning his head.
"The information we can provide from the camera may be better than viewing in real time," said Cason Grover, senior manager of modern automotive technology planning . ".
Other cars have similar technology, but most of them do not have a broad view.
Signs of Seeing: new S-of Cedar-
Class cars have advanced navigation and global maps, as well as cameras that read speed limit signs.
These enable the car's computers to warn drivers of speed limits or prevent them from speeding.
The system can also identify upcoming building areas, curves or roundabout, and can slow down the car when the driver wants.
Volvo also has a similar system for reading speed signs, including systems in the school area.
Laser Guide: smaller version of rotation 360
Degree mechanical laser sensor located on top of self
Driving cars has become a mainstream car.
Lidar, known as lidar for light detection and ranging, can see far away
Turn off the object in the dark, in bad weather and in very detailed circumstances.
Audi plans to launch a front-
This fall, as part of a limited self, face the laser in the grille of the A8 sedan
Control the driving system of a vehicle in a highway traffic jam below 37 miles per hour (
60 kilometers per hour).
Spokesman Mark Dahncke said Audi is still trying to integrate radar and cameras as the lidar moves from human control to limited autonomous driving.
Audi's system is the first step in the wider application of lidar.
Part supplier Continental is developing a complete electronic version for an unspecified automaker that can be at 200 (656 feet)ahead.
At present, the lidar system sold in mainland China can only see 10 m vehicles (33 feet)forward. The longer-
Arnaud lagandré, vice president of the mainland, said the range system integrated into the body is a missing link in the process of moving towards autonomous cars.
"You can see through the fog, you can see through the rain, you can see through the water flowers on the car in front.
"Traffic Light Time: for more than a year, some Audi A4 cars and Q7 SUVs in Las Vegas have been connected to traffic light computers.
They get a dashboard countdown to tell them when the lights will change.
This prevents drivers from turning on the lights and allows them to time on their trips to avoid parking.
It is the pioneer of the carto-
Infrastructure Communications will keep the car going and may warn the driver that the car is about to run a red light.
Audi is testing in several other cities.
About 600 city traffic lights in Washington, D. C. C.
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