new balluff bmps combine io-link, analog in single device - position sensors

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
new balluff bmps combine io-link, analog in single device  -  position sensors
The latest addition to the Balluff mp series magnetic position sensors combines IO-
Links, analog voltages, and analog currents in a single device to overcome the limitations of discrete cylinder switches.
The newly released sensor provides continuous linear feedback
Position of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder rods and actuators by non-detection and measurement
Black shell walls throughout the measurement range.
They're all free.
They are ideal for most industries and especially beneficial for industry 4.
0, because they improve the ease of automated size changes and allow for status monitoring and predictive maintenance.
The Mp magnetic position sensor calculates the actual target position of the magnet and outputs it as a position-
Independent simulation or IO-Link signal.
They provide signal stability and reliability, and the compact size of the sensor allows integration in a very limited installation space. The IO-
Link and simulation allin-
One option is to provide complete IO-
The link features include integrated switch points, internal sensor temperature, fast cycle time, measured values, and scaling factors and states.
Main features include: Learn more: Balluff stands for innovative technology, quality and crossover
Experience in industrial automation industry.
As a leading sensor and automation expert, Balluff provides a comprehensive combination of innovative sensor, identification and network solutions and software for integrated system solutions.
We do our best to improve our customers' competitive position by sharing our passion for automation.
Founded in 1921 in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Balluff now employs 3600 employees in distribution, production and development locations worldwide.
This ensures the availability of our customers worldwide, as well as the high
Provide quality consultation and service directly on site.
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