multi line laser level How to Level a Flowerbed

by:UMeasure     2019-07-03
Leveling the flower bed on uneven or slightly sloping terrain is a fairly simple task.With some simple hand tools and some other projects, you should be able to do this in some manageable steps.Although it's definitely-People project, an assistant will make work easier.
Break the stakes into the ground to mark the perimeter of the flower bed.If the bed is rectangular, four stakes are enough.If the shape of your bed is irregular, then outline the shape with enough wooden piles.
Your flower bed.
From the shares in the highest corner to the next, then to the shares below, and so on, until you reach the shares at the starting point.On the ground of the pile, tighten the hemp rope firmly again, which is the starting point pile.When winding around the stake, try to maintain a rough level between each stake through the eyes.
In addition, keep enough tension on the hemp rope to prevent the hemp rope from drooping, but do not have too much tension to pull too much on the hemp rope.In the middle of the first line distance after starting the pile, hang a line position on Mason's line rope.The line height has a small hanger or clip for connecting it to Mason's hemp rope.
Check the bubble position of the line position.Adjust the hemp rope up or down, if necessary, so that it rotates around the first pile after starting the pile.Do this until the bubbles at the line level are centered.
Remove the line position, be careful not to remove the hemp rope from the adjustment range and hang it in the middle section of the next hemp rope.If necessary, adjust the winding up or down on the next pile to achieve a center or horizontal bubble reading at the line level.Repeat line horizontal placement and check and adjust each part of the winding between the remaining piles until all parts of the winding are horizontal.
Re-check the previous winding sections to make sure they don't go above the level.Make a mark with a pencil or permanent mark on each stake, just where the hemp rope passes, after you confirm that each part of the hemp rope is horizontal.Moving and distributing the soil around the flower bed formed by the hemp rope with a shovel and a garden rake, began to level the soil.
Use the existing soil, or bring it from somewhere else if necessary.Continue to distribute the soil throughout the flower bed until the surface of the soil looks similar to the horizontal mark you made on the stake.Once the rough grade of the soil is established, use the rake sub to give it a finer surface and flatten the high point.
After having a horizontal mark on the stake, if the hemp rope blocks the road for shoveling and raking, you can remove it for the time being.Just make sure the stakes are firmly set on the ground so that the horizontal marks on them do not move.Raise the surface of the soil to a horizontal mark on the stake and pass through the flower bed as flat as possible.
If you remove the rope as before, tie the rope to the stake and tighten it.Connect one end of the individual length hemp thread to any wooden pile.Tie that hemp rope to the horizontal mark of the selected stake and make sure that the hemp rope is long enough to span the entire flower bed at the widest part of the bed.
In addition to the original hemp line in the flower bed, this new Hemp Line, hemp line is laid.When you distribute the soil on the bed, regularly draw the loose ends of the thread you just tied to a wooden pile across the bed.Stand on the outside of the flower bed and pull the new cable so that it does not sag.
Sweep the hemp rope line around and between the stakes, while gently touching it down with the horizontal perimeter hemp rope.When you spread and raked the soil, the height position of the whole bed is revealed.Continue grading and inspection until the surface of the soil reaches even the sweeping line of the entire flower bed.
Remove the stake and hemp rope.
After you're done, after a day or two of soil precipitation ---Especially if it rains or you water the bed, you may find it necessary to re-rate the soil surface a little for the last time, or mention it a little.In this case, you can leave the stakes and hemp rope in place for the time being
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