measurement uncertainty in process of line scales calibrating. - laser light measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-18
measurement uncertainty in process of line scales calibrating.  -  laser light measurement device
Abstract: This paper introduces the main features of the force labeling of the line scale device, as well as the method of measuring uncertainty evaluation with MCS and MCS method.
As part of the measurement uncertainty impact study, the following is studied: the position of the laser light source and the optical element, minimizing the error of Abbe (Bosse atal. 2007)
, Determination of the middle line of the line ruler, alignment of the line ruler and laser beam, linear movement of the workbench, determination of pitch angle, side angle and transverse angle, environmental conditions affecting the laser wavelength and the geometry of the equipment, and the impact of losing focus when moving tables.
The evaluation of measurement uncertainty has been verified in the comparison measurement EURAMET Key comparison EURAMET. L-
Key words: measurement uncertainty, line ruler, length 1.
Brief introduction the Laboratory for accurate measurement of length and the national laboratory for length (
In the text 'laboratory Story ')
Participate in the comparison of the CIM longitudinal standard, including the line ruler as a very important standard of length.
Measurement uncertainty level Colonel quasi-line scale in the order of value U = 0, 1 [micro]m, Flugge, J. ; Koning, R. A. (2007)
, Abbe error and its on-site measurement methods for correction, Measurement Science and Technology, 18,476-481 Druzovec, M. ; Acko B. ; Godina, A. ; Welzer T. (2009)
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Research Journal of National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Mudronja, V. ; Runje, B. (2003)
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