long range proximity sensor proximity sensors types, usage, and features

by:UMeasure     2019-06-29
At present, proximity sensors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications.They are mainly used to detect metal objects without physical contact.Therefore, no wear or damage will be caused to the object.
These sensors are much better than limit switches, which can detect objects when there is physical contact or touch.Longer service life, very strong and reliable.Specialized models are manufactured to provide excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.
Because you can use them in various applicationsThe quality is close to the sensor.They have multiple types of surface brackets, E.G.g.Sensing range from.These sensors have highThe speed response is faster than the switch, and they can be in the from-50 to 200 degrees Celsius.
Inductive sensors can detect the presence of metal objects.How does the inductive metal proximity sensor work?The oscillator winding is the induced surface that generates an AC magnetic field.When any metal object is close to the sensor, the magnetic field strength changes.
The change in the field determines the distance of the object.These sensors have high precision and strong performance, and are very popular in industrial and commercial applications.Excellent sensing range and higher efficiency make it ideal for traffic signal light systems, metal detectors, conveyor belts, airports and marine applications.
Proximity Sensor manufacturers offer a large number of sensors to defense, airlines and the Marine and mining industries that require instruments to operate in extreme climate conditions.They are not affected by the physical properties of the object, nor do they change the physical properties of the object, which makes them ideal for all environments.There is, however, a word of prevention.Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors face interference problems with other sensors.
Therefore, care should be taken when installing them.Mutual interference should be avoided.In addition, the surrounding metal objects can also adversely affect the performance of the proximity sensor.Both capacitive and inductive sensors should take these precautions.
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