local man's product helps nhl regulate stick blade curvature - long distance measuring tool

by:UMeasure     2019-12-01
local man\'s product helps nhl regulate stick blade curvature  -  long distance measuring tool
This is an increase in the curvature adopted by the NHL this season for its players' hockey stick blades-from half an inch to 3 inch
Quarter of an inch
Expansion allows players to control the puck better when shooting or passing.
It also gave a huge boost to the business of a local entrepreneur, Brian Poe of North Huntington, Hockey doctor.
As the rules change, the NHL needs a way to measure the curvature of the new rod blade because the old measuring tool suddenly goes out of date.
The alliance searches and looks for suppliers until it finds Poe, which has its own business and repairs and sells hockey equipment and Hockey table tennis.
Of course, the hockey stick-17-
Notch and lined inch aluminum with a sliding gauge that helps athletes and officials measure the curvature of the globe stick-measuring the distance from the heel of the blade to the toe of the blade.
"I have been doing it for about 12 years.
This is not a product that many people want to carry.
So, I found this out and tried to run it with my business, "Poe said.
"I also started to repair the equipment and started to get into other areas, which is one of them.
"With the new changes to the rules this year-as far as I know, I am the only manufacturer of this gauge.
I think they looked at it online, found my website and saw the meter.
The NHL contacted me and just asked if they knew who the manufacturer was and I said I did know him-he was fine --
He added with a smile: "It looks good.
"They asked me if I was interested in making some work for the league.
As a result, we can do that.
They will provide all the teams.
ICE officials and off-site
ICE officer with meter
In addition, Poe's business will not stop because of NHL.
"It's very neat.
Unless you are a major company supplier like Reebok, not many people can work directly with NHL, "he said.
"This is a blessing, and a little bit --down effect.
Now both AHL, ECHL and the United Hockey League have gone because they are all adapted to the rules of the NHL.
I also provide them with great rules.
The wholesale price is $23.
99, has allowed Poe to run a professional store in the central Ice Arena in Del Monte, in the Super
The hockey equipment market is competitive.
"This is the beginning.
"I am trying to solve this problem," he said . ".
"I'm looking for something different.
There are so many people who can compete with people who have sticks, gloves, tape and the like.
I'm trying to build something bigger and different where I can take over different parts of the market.
This made Poe turn his "hobby" into a business.
It is also timely.
He works as a mill Wright welder at the General Motors plant in West Mifflin, which is scheduled to close in 2008.
"Hopefully it will be a long timeterm effect.
I wanted to do this for a long time.
"I also want to get into other areas," he said . ".
"I have a couple of other products, hockey bat furniture and some other training products.
The factory I work for is scheduled to close next year, so I want to build it into a bigger one, hopefully it will work for me.
"Poe's business continues to grow and he has received orders from the North American alliance.
Recently, he received an order from the National Hockey League and ordered one of his products.
Poe mentioned the support of his wife Cathy and their two sons, 7-year-old Brendan and 5-year-old Ian, a huge factor in his breakthrough in the hockey market.
"Without the support of my family, I would not be able to do a lot of what I can do," he said . ".
"It's good to have such support.
Of course, he is a huge fan of the Penguins. “Absolutely.
From Syl Apps and Michelle Weng up to Mario Lemieux and Yaromir Jagr now and so on.
"This is in my blood," he said . ".
"It's a good thing to help NHL as much as I can.
I 've been involved in hockey since I was a kid, so it's good to be a part of it in a small way.
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