learning with the times: data analysis after nepal quake shows everest shrunk by 2.5cm | india news - times of india - laser level measurement

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learning with the times: data analysis after nepal quake shows everest shrunk by 2.5cm | india news - times of india  -  laser level measurement
When did Mount Everest find it?
In the 1840 s, British Indian surveyor Andrew wo found a mountain on the eastern end of the Himalayas.
In 1852, Radhanath Sikdar, an Indian mathematician and surveyor, calculated the height of the mountain and found it higher than the highest mountain in the world at that time.
The mountain, formerly known as the peak 15, was renamed Everest in 1865, and after Sir George Everest, British Indian surveyor, from 1830 to 1843.
What is the height of Mount Everest?
The height of the mountain is 29,028 feet or 8,848, which is a number that people have long accepted.
This is 1952 of the Indian government-54 survey.
Since then, there have been several attempts to measure the height of the mountain.
Of the 1975 Chinese surveyors, the height is 8,848. 11 metres.
Similarly, a survey in Italy using GPS and laser measurements yielded a 8,846 m figure by subtracting the height of the peak ice cap.
Before 1999, the value used by most researchers and surveying and mapping agencies was the figure determined by the Indian survey.
In 1999, an American team using satellite technology received a height of 8,850 m, the most accepted peak at the moment.
Analysis of satellite data after the recent earthquake in Nepal shows that Mount Everest may have shrunk by about 2. 5cm.
When did the climb start?
It is believed that Clinton Thomas Dent, president of the Alpine Club, the world's oldest mountaineering club, was the first to propose a climb to Mount Everest.
Deng wrote in his 1885 book "above the snow line" that it is possible to climb the world's highest peak.
British mountaineers George mololi and Andrew Owen tried to climb Mount Everest in 1924, the first attempt to climb the peak, which is widely known.
The expedition caused a disaster because they never came back.
On 1999, the body of Mallory was found on the mountain.
Whether they can reach their peak is uncertain.
29 years later, Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Zeng Nogai of India boarded Mount Everest in June 29, 1953.
As of 2010, more than 5000 people had climbed the mountain.
What are the difficulties in climbing Mount Everest?
Climbing Mount Everest is the ultimate test of human limits
Both physical and financial.
From hiking to base camp, and then climbing up three higher camps before the last summit attempt, it can take many days to climb.
Due to the high altitude, the oxygen content in the air is 1 out of 3 of the normal level.
Hypoxia and extreme cold have adverse effects on the human body.
Even simple calculations related to oxygen cylinders and sense of direction have become extremely complex.
Cold temperatures and unpredictable weather can cause freezing injuries, making legs and hands useless.
The blood is thicker and it takes a long time for the wound to heal.
The climber is his/her own as his/her teammates usually do not have the power to knock him/her down in an accident.
In many incidents, a frozen lost climber was ignored.
There were many bodies on the way.
The website of the various agencies that organize the guided climbing shows that the attempt of the summit may cost more than 40 rupees.
Why do many climbers criticize the commercialism of Mount Everest?
The tour guide company guarantees that they can bring anyone to the top if they can afford it.
This increases the number of attempts and deaths to climb the mountain.
Several people died in an attempt and their bodies were left on the top of the mountain.
Pollution on Mount Everest has intensified and the remaining oxygen tanks, broken climbing equipment, human waste and bodies are exploding.
Recently, Aung Zhilin, chairman of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, warned that the pollution caused by human waste has reached a critical level and is likely to spread diseases on Mount Everest.
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