laser sensors. - laser measurement sensor

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laser sensors.  -  laser measurement sensor
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The page manual describes the Selcom SLS 6000 laser sensor for measuring rubber and tire extrusion and other applications.
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The laser triangle measuring sensor based on Selcom SLS 6000 has the features of far distance and resolutely short measurement, and is considered an ideal choice for the rubber industry.
SLS 6000 available in 19 models for high
Other sensors fail or sacrifice speed measurement applications for reliability and accuracy, according to the literature.
As described in the brochure, the SLS 6000 is said to have extremely fast automatic light control over various surfaces and is an internal processor for applications as well as analog and digital outputs.
The measurement range of different models ranges from 50 to 1,100mm (2. 0 to 43 inches)and stand-
Distance from 400 to 1,250mm (16 to 49 inch).
Specific applications of the SLS 6000 include quality inspection and production control, dimensional thickness and cross
Segmented profile, on-
The thickness of the line, etc.
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