laser scanner to detect bombs - and breakfast - laser leveling system

by:UMeasure     2020-03-26
laser scanner to detect bombs - and breakfast  -  laser leveling system
A new laser system is being developed that is said to be able to check whether people have traces of illegal drugs, guns or burning devices --
You can even know what they eat.
The system being developed by Genia Photonics uses a technology called laser spectrum that looks for compounds and trace elements of radiation. FoxNews.
Com says the idea is to scan passengers at airport checkpoints or crossing points, or even someone in the crowd at sports events.
However, a US government source said the laser detectors may be useful but will not be available until 2016 at the earliest.
Genia announced late last year that it is working with security companiesQ-
In 1999, at the request of the CIA, Tel was chartered to develop laser technology.
"We offer a number of tuned laser systems that are an important source for many spectral applications," said Joseph Salhany, vice president of Genia . ". "They are fast-tuning fibre-
A laser-based source that can be coupled or integrated with the appropriate detection system to create the desired scanning solution.
"But Mr. Salhany refused to elaborate on the specific plan for how to use the laser and in-Q-
Tel declined to comment on the technology or any specific plan to work with the Department of Homeland Security.
Zhang Sicheng, a professor of laser and optics at the University of Rochester, said the Genia system uses "Hz" waveforms to detect explosives.
These signals cause a slight reaction when passing through clothes or luggage.
An explosive device can cause a specific reaction that the system can track.
But security expert Mychal Wilson says the laser system can do more than just detect bombs. "Laser-
Molecular-based scanners will be enabled. . .
"Officials identify explosives, hazardous chemicals and biological weapons on passengers," he said . ".
They can also test drugs, alcohol.
And your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Even your adrenaline levels can be used for government analysis.
"Everything about your body will be available to the government and logged into the database.
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