laser pointer damaged teen's eyesight - hand held laser measure

by:UMeasure     2019-11-05
laser pointer damaged teen\'s eyesight  -  hand held laser measure
An English teenager has damaged his eyes while playing with a hand-held laser indicator he bought on the Internet.
The teenager, after shining a green diode laser into his eyes, suffered a loss of black spots and image sharpness known as the central one-eye, three experts from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital concluded in the British Medical Journal.
The test showed that he burned the surface of his eyes and disturbed the retina, the light
Catch tissue at the back of the eye.
Two months later, the boy's vision returned to normal, but there was still damage to the retina.
The author of this letter notes that, in general, the damage to the retina caused by the laser may be permanent and cause some loss of vision in the years to come.
They added that this was the first known case of laser indicator injury in the UK.
Handheld laser indicators are designed for lectures, presentations, or meetings to highlight items of interest.
But in the past 10 years, they have also become a popular consumer product, sometimes sold on key chains.
The BMJ case report does not determine the type and functionality of the gadget.
The British Health Protection Agency recommends that the power of the laser indicator should be less than 1 milliwatt (mW)
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