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According to the Daily Mail reporter update: May 4, 2009 20: 07 EDT, a British cave expedition believes that they found the world's largest cave passage in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle.
The rock passage is 150 long and 200 high.
It is seven times the arched ceiling of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
Probably the world's largest cave passage, a British cave expedition found the pine hole in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle.
It is 150 long and 200 high, seven times as long as the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
Mountain and River Cave)
It is believed to be nearly twice the size of the current record holder.
"This is a truly amazing cave of the size and one of the most important discoveries of the British cave expedition," said 13-year-old member Adam speland.
Men's expedition
Using a laser measuring device called LaserRace 300 to measure height and width, the team is now back in the UK to analyze their readings.
The cave was first discovered in 1991 and has not been entered since because of the terrible wind and noise caused by the huge underground river. The cave was originally named He in 1991.
But Mr. Spillane said no.
Someone once entered because of "It made terrible wind and noise, which was due to a huge underground river.
But with the help of the representative of the University of internal medicine in the river, UK-
Vietnam cave adventure 2009 spent five days at Phong Nha-
Cobang National Park in CentralApril.
The team spent six hours walking through the jungle to reach the cave.
They climbed into a large room and had to negotiate two underground rivers before reaching the main passage of hangzi cave.
After a six-hour trek through the jungle, the team spent five days exploring the caves.
They had to negotiate two underground rivers before reaching the main passage. The team will return to Vietnam later this year to complete the cave exploration and conduct a full investigation. 'The cave is 6.
Mr. Spillane said that it is currently 5 km long, but the end of the main passage is still going on, and the 45-meter-high calcite stone wall has prevented our progress.
"The next expedition requires more work to complete a thorough exploration of the pine hole and get a complete photo record of the cave.
"It is a great achievement to discover and explore such a wonderful cave in this era.
"It is believed that the size of the hanging hole is almost twice that of the current record holder.
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