laser light pulses make ultrasensitive chemical detector. - laser light measurement device

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laser light pulses make ultrasensitive chemical detector.  -  laser light measurement device
Its composition is extremely simple: a tiny translucent cube, two adjacent prism, a laser and a detector, but the system represents a whole new way to detect chemicals.
While this technology is widely used, it is possible to eventually produce micro-detectors for explosives or chemical weapons.
Andrew Pipino, a chemical physicist of the invention of the technology, said the method was developed at NIST and can feel traces of chemicals present near the equipment.
Described in a recent physics review article (Oct. 11,1999)
The system is a new method of Cavity Ring
Lower Spectrum
In this case, the cavity is a solid cube made of ultra-pure fused quartz with four ultra-smooth surfaces.
One of the surfaces is curved and when the circular light travels in the square path defined by the four faces of the cecube, It refocuses.
The laser pulse enters the cube through the tunnel, and travels around the path, and before the intensity is reduced, the distance lasting more than one kilometer through full internal reflection.
Time required for light degradation (or ring-down)
Changed in the presence of a chemical capable of absorbing light, as it briefly passes outside the cube in the form of disappearance (fading)wave.
Change of ring-
Downtime can be used to identify and quantify specific molecules.
Ask the company to apply for a license to use this new technology.
All licensing investigations should be made to J. TerryLynch, (301)975-2691, fax: (301)869-
2751, jtlynch @ nistgov.
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